Friday, August 21, 2015

Car Line

Car Line at Cascade

We don't have buses!  Thank you for the huge time and energy commitment it takes to drop off and pick up your Falcons every day; while it is a hassle, it is also a testament to all of the good things going on at Cascade Heights.

These car line procedures have been carefully thought out to maximize the safety of your students while minimizing our impact on the neighborhood and the time you spend in line.  Please read these procedures carefully, and share them with other folks who will be picking up or dropping off your teen.

Drop off:
To drop off your student in the morning, please turn on Jansen Road.  Take a left on to 90th Drive, then a left on to Tolbert and a right on 92nd.  This will put you directly in front of the school doors.  Please have your children exit the car through the passenger side (nearest the school) when you are directly in front of the doors, or as near as you will likely get.

Pick up in car line:
Follow the directions above to get to the school.  Once there, please remain in your car.  Please pull as far forward as you can in each rotation; your student will be dismissed when you are in the loading zone and pulled forward.  Do NOT stop when you see your student! Keep pulling forward until you are comfortably close to the car in front of you. They will walk along the marked area to you.

The loading zone is between the crosswalk and the end of the school building.  As you leave, if you are taking a left on to 82nd, please proceed forward to Clackamas Avenue.  If you are taking a right on to 82nd, you will immediately turn on to Church Street. 

Pick up at side door:
If you enjoy chatting with folks, don't like the pressure of loading a bunch of children in car line, or for whatever reason, you may also collect your teen at the side door (south side).  Please let your student know whether they should go to car line or side door each day.

You will gather outside the side door, and the staff member running side door will call names of children as they appear at the door.  You may park in the gravel lot as available, or on side streets as legal.  We have had police issue tickets, and we have called the police to report illegally parked vehicles as well;  please be respectful of the neighbors.

Regardless of how you pick up your child, or when you are collecting them, please understand an important part of Cascade:  students ALWAYS shake the hand of their teacher and say goodbye.  This is a courtesy thing as much as a safety thing.  We will not say goodbye to a child and release them from our care and supervision until we are sure they are properly accounted for by a family member or similar on the other side.  This is true for evening performances, field trip days, etc. 

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