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Uniforms at Cascade

A quick summary for families new to Cascade Heights, and a quick reminder for returning families.  There is quite the comprehensive uniform code in the Handbook found in each student's planner, so we will not go over everything with a fine-toothed comb here, just the big ideas that may affect your back-to-school shopping over the next few weeks.

Basic Uniform:
White collared shirt:
White collared shirts may be long- or short-sleeved, with a turtle, mock-turtle, Mandarin, Peter Pan, or regular wing collar.
All of these are fine and quite stylish.
Uniform shirts MUST be long enough to tuck in all the way around.  They may NOT have large logos.  Undershirts may NOT have print that shows through the top collared shirt.

Navy bottoms:
Navy is a dark blue material that is NOT jean or black.  Shorts, skirts, pants, kulots, skorts, jumpers, and kilts ARE acceptable.  Cargo, stretch, leggings, jeggings, short-shorts (must come to 1" above knee or farther down) are NOT acceptable. Please check the length of shorts and skirts. Many students will grow over the summer and what fit perfectly in June is no longer appropriate.
This works:
Mock layer pleated jumper by French Toast, $19.99
Because, although it is "mock layer," it has the requisite white collared shirt look to it.

This doesn't work:
Old Navy polo dress for such a great deal!
Because it does not have the "white shirt with collar" part of the uniform.

Leggings and tights:
Please regard leggings (white, navy blue, or black) as more like tights than pants.  They may be worn as a layer under jumpers, but are NOT a substitute for pants.  Stretch pants (leggings included) are not part of the uniform.

Thankfully by middle school, it is easier to find shoes that fit the dress code. Please do your best to find a pair of shoes that are MOSTLY black, navy, gray, brown, or white.
Sorry, red shoes are not part of the uniform code.

Basically, shoes should be primarily black, gray, brown, navy blue, or white.  They should not be screaming for attention.

A word on shoes:
Cascade Falcons have P.E. and recess every day. Heels are not permitted on for daily wear. On special occasions, low heels will be allowed.

Other shoes that don't belong at school: shoes with heels (including combat-style boots, cowboy boots, etc.), slippers, UGGS, mud boots (as the only shoe--if students can change quickly, they may bring mud boots for outside wear), sandals, open-toed shoes, flip-flops.

Socks and tights should be black, navy blue, gray, or white. They must show up over the edge of shoes (no no-shows). Nylons are allowed with skirts or shorts.

Red sweaters:
Please look for fire-engine red as much as possible.  Maroon is not a school color.  Sweaters may be sweatshirts, cardigans, pullovers, v-necks, etc., but may NOT have a hood if a child wishes to wear it indoors.

These are NOT allowed to be worn in the classroom (in fire-engine red, or any other color):
Super sporty, but not inside.
Sweaters are also not a substitute for tucking in a white collared shirt that must be worn under the sweater!

Make Up:
8th graders are permitted to wear light make up. The following graphic may help students to decide what "light" means. Basically the make up stands out or glitters it should not be worn to school on a daily basis. Save it for special events!

The purpose of uniforms is multi-fold:
  • It removes a level of class-based judgement and bullying.  Children who all dress the same find it more difficult to single out others who may have less.
  • It makes the identification of those who belong on campus and in field trip groups easier and quicker; it's a safety thing.
  • It is visually calming and far less stimulating than a sea of a billion colors.  Please remember the distraction of fancy hair-baubles, earrings, bracelets, etc.
  • It simplifies getting dressed in the morning.
  • It creates pride in identity and place: we know we look smart as a group and we are proud of it!
  • It encourages students to express their personality with their...personality.  They are driven to express themselves through assignments, thought, speech, and actions.  
  • It is one of the many reasons families choose and stay at Cascade Heights!

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