Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Welcome to 8th Grade

We are just a few weeks away from a new school year and I want to take this opportunity to welcome each of you, whether this is your ninth year with Cascade or your first.

I started at Cascade 10 years ago, before we opened the doors, because I believe strongly in the way students learn at Cascade and I've stayed at Cascade because I continue to believe in what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. 

This year we will be working hard in eighth grade. Very hard. This does not mean you as parents will be working hard. It is my goal that every student leave me in June ready for high school and beyond. They will not only be ready for honors classes, but to handle themselves in social situations, and be prepared to think for themselves. As an eighth grade parent, your primary job will be to talk to your student. They will be wrestling with new ideas and concepts. They will be asked to form opinions and back them up with facts. They will be pushed to ask more of themselves. 

They will need you even when they seem quite capable. They will need to talk through their ideas, to hear how you handled similar situations, or what your family believes about certain topics. These conversations will help them come to class confident and will tell them clearly that you value education. 

Working together, we can provide the support for this dynamic group of students to grow and blossom. 

My door is always open, please feel free to visit, call, or email. 

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