Sunday, September 27, 2015

What We're Learning This Week 9/28 - 10/1

Students will be able to...
  • Define the rule of law.
  • Explain how the rule of law protects individual rights and preserves the common good.
  • Recognize the influence of the rule of law on the development of the American legal, political, and governmental systems.
  • Analyze the necessity of establishing and enforcing the rule of law.
  • Examine how the rule of law affects everyday life.
  • Identify the effect of Marbury v. Madison and its relationship to the rule of law.
Students will: 
  • students will be able to describe friction as a force that impedes motion and generates heat
  • students will be able to distinguish between static friction and kinetic friction
  • students will be able to explain why friction occurs
  • students will be able to describe common occurrences of friction, including those in which friction can be used to advantage in everyday life
  • students will be able to describe ways in which friction can be reduced

Course 3 Math: 
  • Lessons 11 - 15

Literature: The Good Earth, Chapters 1 - 4
Students will: 
  • understand how to use specific literary terminology 
  • demonstrate comprehension of historical background concerning Pearl S. Buck 
  • develop an awareness of historical background concerning events taking place in China during the time Buck wrote her novel 
  • read critically and analytically to draw comparisons, make inferences, trace plot development, and evaluate theme

Students will: 
  • Read chapters 1 - 4 in The Good Earth. 
  • Identify differences between the customs depicted and modern customs. 

Writing: (Topic of the week: Education: Past, Present, and Future)
Students will:
  • Conduct an interview to gather information 
  • Write a expository essay that uses information gathered, personal experience, and predicts possible outcomes
  • Use all dress ups correctly
  • Use 6 sentence openers correctly
  • Use the checklist to improve their rough draft

Study Skills:
Students will:
  • Get their planner signed nightly
  • Plan ahead for needed supplies
  • Turn in work on time
  • Use flashcards to improve vocabulary scores

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