Monday, November 2, 2015

Course 3 Update

Today we will take our 6th test in Course 3. This means we have mastered the first fourth of the book and are well out of the "review" section. As we continue, please remind your students that the study skills they have been practicing will be even more important. Now, let me answer a few questions.

1. What should Course 3 students bring to class every day?

  • Math book
  • Math binder
  • Multiple writing utensils
  • Colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Calculator
2. What should they have in their binder at this point?
  • Notes for lessons 1 - 35
  • Homework lessons 25 - 35 (if they have been cleared from the first binder check. If not they should have 1 - 35)
  • Tests 1 - 5 (all signed by a parent)
3. What avenues for help are there if my student starts to struggle?
  • Work with a classmate during work time
  • Ask Mrs. Adams for help during work time
  • Ask for help during the lesson
  • Ask Mrs. Adams for help during lunch
  • Email Mrs. Adams and ask her to meet you before school for help
  • Email Mrs. Adams and ask her to stay after school on Thursday for help
  • Go to the library during lunch and ask Mrs. Hans for help 
  • Go to homework club any day and ask the teacher for help

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