Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Homework

In addition to one night's worth of the "usual" evening homework, your Falcon can expect homework over the major breaks, including our upcoming winter break.  This homework looks different, because its intent is for your child to practice applying some of the important work practiced at school in the real world. For example: "help bake something delicious" reinforces measurement (time, volume, etc.), reading, planning and organizing, and social skills (negotiating to lick the spoon).  Similarly, "write thank-you notes," encourages students to practice their handwriting, IEW dress-ups, addressing an envelope, as well as the important social skill of expressing gratitude. 

This holiday homework is best done a little at a time, spread out over the whole break. This is preferred over cramming it all in on the Sunday before we return because it will be of a higher quality, it will be more meaningful for the student, and it helps children flex their academic skills a little each day, which is the best way to keep them strong.

We understand many families travel over long breaks, but we are confident that you will be able to complete the holiday homework with a little ingenuity.  Thank you for helping your children see that learning certainly doesn't happen only at school!  

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