Monday, November 2, 2015

Parent Meeting

Parent Meeting

Fundraiser/promotion planning  
6:15 pm Thursday Nov.12th

Nov.12th is the last day for all “Poinsettia” orders and the end of our first 8th grade fundraiser. This would be a great time for an official fundraiser/ promotion planning meeting. As you all know, time seems to fly by so fast and before a blink of an eye, the end is here! What Kora and I need from all of you to make this year extra special are parent volunteers and help to create a plan before the Holiday Season/New Year.

We have created two groups:  

·         Parent Fundraising: This group will help assist Kora with ideas, planning, gathering supplies, advertisements etc. for individual fundraisers, and volunteering parent hours as needed.

·         Promotion Planning: This group will help assist Skye with ideas, planning ceremony and reception afterward, video and photos, decorations, food, etc.


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