Sunday, November 15, 2015

What Are We Learning This Week 11/16 - 11/19

This week is the government final. On Monday we will review the study guide and study techniques before Wednesday's test. This final will be open note. Anything a student has hand written in their spiral bound history notebook may be used on the final. Students can expect a variety of question types which will allow them to demonstrate their understanding on many levels. There will be an essay question and students are welcome to create a key word outline in their history notebook before Wednesday.

How can you help your child study?

  • Ask them what help they would like. 
  • Talk about the essay question as a family. As your student expresses ideas, ask them what proof they have to back up their opinions. What sources can they quote? If they are unsure, encourage them to find the sources and write them in their notebook. 
  • Tell your child you believe in them and their ability to do well. If they express anxiety, ask them what they have done to prepare. Remind them that there will be no trick questions and no new information. They will just be asked to show what they've learned. 
It's physics final week. Last week small groups were assigned and the project requirements outlined. This week students may begin building their Rube Goldberg machines. They will have 4 hours to demonstrate their understanding all of the elements of physics that we have learned. 

Twelfth Night! Students should be spending a significant amount of time studying their parts. It seems like we have a lot of time, but we are down to just under three weeks. I highly encourage students to record themselves and listen to it over and over. Please be sure to put the 10th of December on your calendar. We will be performing at 1:00 and at 6:00. That day students will remain at school between performances. Between 4 and 5 we'll have the cast party before getting ready for the evening performance. 

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