Thursday, November 19, 2015

What Did We Learn from Rube Goldberg

1. Don't just rely on one person to bring things.
2. It's difficult to achieve neutral beuoyancy
3. Science tools like force meters are extremely useful.
4. It was hard to mesh everyone's ideas and have it work.
5. Having less materials can alter your project.
6. Rube Goldberg is a magician.
7. Working in groups is hard, even if I love my teammates.
8. Time management and choosing priorities is critical.
9. Just because you're a friend with someone doesn't mean you can work together well.
10. If you spend all your time arguing, it gets nothing done.
11. Teamwork helps!
12. Working with what you have around you can make all the difference.
13. Teamwork is key.
14. Science doesn't always go the way you want it to.
15. It's easier to keep things simple.
16. You have to use the time you're given.
17. It takes more than one attempt to get it right.

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