Sunday, January 10, 2016

What We're Learning This Week

Literature: Animal Farm
  • Explore how an author uses vocabulary to create characters
    • Compare and contrast the main characters
    • Identify similar characters in modern books and movies
Science: Science Fair and a glimpse into Cellular Biology
  • Complete the analysis and conclusion for the science fair
  • Complete the abstract
  • Print the final paper! 
  • Review science fair boards
  • On Tuesday, OMSI will be conducting a cellular biology lab with us. 

Guided Reading: Driver's Manual
  • Locate information in non fiction text
  • Use diagrams to understand material
History: Decline of European Colonialism
  • Complete timeline of Indian Independence Movement
  • Discuss the impact of caste system on the Indian Independence Movement
  • Compare and contrast Gandhi's non violent methods with modern protest methods
Reading: Battle of the Books

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