Sunday, March 13, 2016

What's Happening This Week

  • Spring Plant Sale forms go home - This is our last fundraiser for Ashland. The beauty of the plant sale is that plenty of people are planning their spring gardens right now so you're offering something they are already looking for. All order forms are due by the 13th of April. The plants will be ready for pick up on May 4th, just before carline. I will give each student 5 order forms, if you need more, just let me know! 
  • Night of the Notable character selection forms due. - Forms were sent home Thursday and explained in class at length. There is also a blog post from last week explaining each section of the form. This first step sets students up for success so we take it seriously. 
  • NON Business Letters Due - In class we will be writing business letters to an organization that may be able to share information about the eminent figure each student has chosen. We'll be talking in class on Monday about who to send letters to. Students may need to research Monday night. 
  • Lego Robotics - We're moving Lego Robotics to Wednesday this week due to our field trip on Thursday and American Bandstand. This week students will be asked to make their robot move forward, backwards, and navigate a set path. 
  • Field Trip - Our March field trip is to the Portland Art Museum. Mrs. Haight will be joining us. Unfortunately, Oregon Culinary Institute had to reschedule our lunch to next month. This means we'll be in regular  uniforms for our trip to the art museum. Parents who are scheduled to go with us, please look for an email from me with specifics early in the week. 
  • American Bandstand - Right after lunch on Thursday everyone will get changed for our big 50's finale. Join us at 1:00 in the cafeteria for singing, dancing, commercials, and the news! Parents are very much encouraged to join us for the fun. 
  • Staff vs. Middle School Basketball gameThe 5th Annual Staff vs Middle School Basketball game is Thursday, March 17th! This is a great time to promote physical activity outside of school as well as provide a place to help build a positive school community. If you have not been to this event in the past, it is something you do not want to miss. It is a regular basketball game with a small twist. Along with the basketball game, there is also a fun halftime show and a chance to win prizes! Space is limited in the gym for the event. Tickets went on sale last week, so please get your ticket early to guarantee your spot. You can purchase your tickets from Mr. Weaver in the mornings, during PE, or after school

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