Friday, April 15, 2016

Ashland Schedule

Fundraising is complete and we are a go! Here is what our schedule looks like: 

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016
8:00 - Arrive at school in casual clothing
9:00 - Load bus
11:00- Arrive at Dexter Lake
  • BBQ lunch, swimming, disc golf, shenanigans

1:00 - Load bus and depart for Ashland

4:30 - Arrive in dorm

  • get assigned dorms, set up, learn dorm rules, change in to business casual clothes
5:00 - Dinner in the dining hall
5:45 - Attend workshops at Southern Oregon University
  • MASKS AND MOVEMENT  - Use masks and movement as tools for the imagination to explore how the body expresses itself.  Exercises range from studies of each person’s “neutral” posture to ways of creating characters and creatures.

  •  STAGE COMBAT WORKSHOP  - A certified stage combatant leads you safely through some of the steps and skills of hand-to-hand stage combat. Please specify which workshop level you are requesting.
  • YE OLDE PROJECT RUNWAY - Learn about Elizabethan and Renaissance silhouettes and costumes, then create them from newspaper and tape. Students will work together in small groups, with one student from each group acting as Merry Olde’s next top model.

9:30 - Class meeting in the dorms
10:00 - Showers and bedtime
11:00 - Lights out

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016
7:30  - Up and dressed in business casual
8:00 - Breakfast in the dining hall
9:00 - Load bus
9:15 - Workshop at Oregon Shakespeare Festival
  • Two hours of on-your-feet exercises, led by one or two company members, designed to explore the themes, characters and language of the plays your students will see on their visit to OSF. 
11:30 - Load bus
11:45 - Lunch in the dining hall
1:15 - Load bus
1:30 - Attend Twelfth Night
  • Illyria is a topsy-turvy place full of romantics and eccentrics. At least that’s how it seems to Viola, who’s been cast adrift in this merry world. Out of necessity, she disguises herself as a boy but quickly becomes an object of desire to the woman her employer sent her to woo. Time eventually sorts it all out, but not before Viola and everyone around her are bewitched, bothered and bewildered as they traverse the often contradictory landscapes of their hearts. This sumptuous production sets Shakespeare’s wise, lovely comedy in a shimmering, tune-filled 1930s Hollywood.
4:30 - Load bus
 5:00 - Dinner in the dining hall
5:45 - Showers and dressed in formal attire
7:15 -Load bus
7:30 - Prolouge
  •  These dynamic, 30-minute introductions to the plays are presented by a company member. Students who attend Prologues, especially for plays with challenging themes or complex language, such as Shakespeare’s, are better able to understand the plays and get more out of the experience. Prologues introduce characters, themes, language and other background information.
8:00 - Attend Great Expectations
  •  Young Pip hasn’t had it easy—orphaned early, knocked about by a bad-tempered sister and headed for a life of hard labor. A terrifying encounter in a graveyard and a summons to meet the eccentric Miss Havisham aren’t helping matters. But when a mysterious benefactor sends Pip to London to become a gentleman, his dreams come true. Or do they? Charles Dickens’ thrilling tale of friendship, love, the price of revenge and the true nature of generosity comes to life in this new adaptation by OSF favorites Penny Metropulos and Linda Alper.
 11:00 - Showers and bed

Thursday, May 26, 2016
7:30 - Wake up, pack, dressed in business casual
8:00 - Breakfast in dining hall
9:00 - Load bus
9:15 - Exploring Design Workshop

  • What inspires the designs for this season's production? What factors influenced the designers' choices? These questions and more are answered in a one-hour exploration of the creative process. Students discover how the words of the script are turned into a production on stage by investigating visual research, drawings, photos from previous productions and fabric samples. 
11:30 - Load bus
12:00 - Lunch in the dining hall
1:00 - Load bus
1:30 - Attend Yeoman of the Guard
  •  How do you save a good man who’s wrongly accused and facing the ax in 24 hours? That’s how high the stakes are in Gilbert and Sullivan’s funny, pun-filled musical that mines a richer emotional world than the duo’s other comic operettas. Bristling with bad cases of unrequited love, a prison break and plots running amok, this world-premiere adaptation inspired by classic country-and-western music makes for a rousing musical event the whole family will enjoy. 
3:00 - Load bus
5:30 - Stop in Springfield for dinner at Coburg Pizza Company
7:00 - Load bus
9:00 - Arrive at CHPCS

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