Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Homework Week 6

After a week off, this week's a little bit tougher. You have two things to do.

1. Review the following supply list. Write the supply list out in your best italic cursive. After it is written out, write down what you believe each item will cost. Save this list for when you go shopping and compare your estimates to the actual figures.

Cascade Heights Public Charter School Supply List
* All classes see list of supplies purchased through the office form *
Eighth Grade (revised 5/17/16)
*** Individual supplies please have student write their first and last name on front, as appropriate ***
1 3 subject spiral notebook
scissors (reuse the pair you have from past years)
3 ring binder (1")
1 stick O'Glue (roll on gel glue)
colored markers(not sharpies)
Highlighters (multi color: yellow, blue, pink)
1 package colored pencils
Fine tip black Sharpie
white board markers (low odor)
2 dozen ball point pens (any color but yellow or gel pink)
** Communal Supplies (will be shared/stored with the whole class):No names on supplies **
2 reams college rule paper
2 reams of copy paper (white)
1 box facial tissue
1 tub Clorox wipes
1 roll masking tape
Math Course 3 (revised 5/17/16)
1 3 subject spiral notebook, 1 compass
1 pencil pouch for supplies, fine tip colored markers, 1 pack white board markers
scissors (reuse the pair you have from past years), Ruler with metric 1 protractor
Communal World Language
(1) 70 page college rule Spiral notebooks or (1) 1" three ring binder
1 folder with pockets 1 tub Clorox wipes  

2. Read a book from start to finish in one week. Often  middle schoolers believe that books have to be hundreds of pages. There are numerous books out there under 100 pages that you will love. Ask a librarian for suggestions. 


  1. Hey, sooo I went school supplies shopping yesterday and this is my homework...

    School Supplies:

    Spiral notebook: guess: $5 Real price: $5
    3 ring binder: guess: $4.25 Real price: $3.40
    Stick of glue: (still looking for one)
    Colored markers: guess: $2.50 Real price: $2
    Highlighters: guess: $1.50 Real price: $1.50
    Colored pencils: guess: $2 Real price: $3
    Sharpies: guess: $1 Real price: $1.50
    White board markers: guess: $3 Real price: $2.50
    2 dozen ballpoint pens: guess: $4 Real price: $2
    College rule paper: guess: $2.50 Real price: $2
    Copy paper: guess: $3.50 Real price: $3.50
    Kleenex: guess: $1.50 Real price: $1.50
    Clorox wipes: guess: $2 Real price: $3.50
    Masking tabe: guess: $1.50 Real price: $3.50
    Penil pouch: (using the one from last year)
    Ruler: (using the one from last year)
    Protractor: guess: $1.50 Real price: $2
    Folder with pockets: guess: $2.50 Real price: $2.20

    So, I guess 4 prices right out of 15.

  2. Also, last week, I read this really good book called "Serendipity and me". It's about this girl named Sara, who's mom dies in a terrible accident. She's always loved cats, and really wants one but her dad always said no. So, pretty much the book is about how she can find a way to make her dad change is mind about cats and let her keep this cat that comes into her life later in the book. I've read this book about 8 times. It's really good, and about 320 pages.