Sunday, October 16, 2016

Volunteering for Ashland ***Updated with drawing results***

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The drawing for Ashland Volunteers will be Monday afternoon (10/17/16) . If you would like your name in the drawing, please fill out this form before then, even if you have sent me your name previously. 

I will be drawing 4 names to go and 2 back up names in case one of the drawn names finds themselves unable to go. Good luck!

The drawing was held Monday afternoon at 4:30. Everyone who had filled out the form was placed in the randomizer. 

And then with Ms. O'Malley there to witness it, the list was randomized. The final results are: 

So Mrs. Kiesz, Mr. Hodson, Mrs. Shepard, and Dr. Currey will be joining us. The rest of the list will stand as alternates in case any of the first 4 can not attend. 

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