Thursday, November 17, 2016

Robotics Project 1 Final

8 weeks ago students were handed Lego Mindstorm sets and a goal; work together to design, program, and test a robot that would drive forward and backwards, turn left and right, pick up and deliver a ball, and avoid obstacles. For 1 hour a week groups grappled with design, coding, and teamwork issues. They learned how to program, how to negotiate, how to problem solve, and time management. Today was the final presentation of their work.

Out of five groups, none completed the task completely. Two groups programmed their robot to successfully complete the driving tasks, but not the ball pick up and delivery. Two more groups made it more than half way through the course, while one never got off the start line.

The oral presentations, which focused on the design process, were fantastic. Later tonight I'll be posting videos of each of the teams running their robot. I am proud of them and look forward to seeing them continue their problem solving and building skills in the next task.

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