Monday, December 5, 2016

Rex Putnam IB Program

Today we had the pleasure of talking with Ms. Tracy Clark from Rex Putnam. Ms. Clark is the head of the IB program and the Leadership Class, so she was able to give us a holistic view of the high school and all it has to offer.

Some of the many things we learned:

  • The IB program was first created in Geneva, Switzerland in the 1960's as a way for students from military families to transfer from country to country and have their credits still count. 
  • In some schools it is a K - 12 program, but most are high school only. 
  • Globally 78% that pursue an IB diploma receive it. Rex Putnam's average is the same. 
  • At Putnam, you begin taking IB classes your Junior year. You can either take a few classes or try for the IB diploma. 
  • The benefits of the IB diploma include international acceptance, scholarships, and at some schools, priority admission. 
  • The biggest difference between AP classes and the IB program is concurrency. When you are in the IB program you are taking a whole program instead of a class here or there. 
  • As an IB diploma candidate you are expected to do a 4000 word research paper on the topic of your choice. 
  • Putnam has a variety of sports including golf, tennis, rugby, football, volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading. 
  • They also have a variety of clubs including a poetry club, leadership, and rocketry. 
  • Their art department includes an award winning theater group, award winning band and choir groups, and a digital photography class. 

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