Monday, December 4, 2017

Twelfth Night Details

This post contains everything you need to know about the next two weeks. Please read it carefully and refer back to it as necessary. 

Tuesday, December 5th - 
Students report to the gym at 7:45 for rehearsal. Playbills created in class. Programs and invitations created. Parents needed to work with students on memorizing lines! 

Wednesday, December 6th - 
Students report to the gym at 7:45 for rehearsal.  Parents needed to work with students on memorizing lines and organizing costumes. 

Thursday, December 7th - 
Students report to the gym at 7:45 for rehearsal. Final check for lines. All students should have 100% of their lines done at this point. All props from home should be on site. Props being created at school finished.  Parents needed to work with students on memorizing lines! 

Monday, December 11th - 
Students report to the gym at 7:45 for rehearsal. Make up and costuming lessons occur in class. Students who have specific make up remover they prefer should bring it to class with them.Parents needed to work with students on pacing and volume. 

Tuesday, December 12th - 
Students report to the gym at 7:45 for rehearsal. Parents needed to work with students on pacing and volume. 

Wednesday, December 13th - 
Students report to the gym at 7:45 for rehearsal. Parents needed to work with students on pacing and volume.  

Thursday, December 14th - 
Students report to class at 7:45. 
10:30 - Special effects make up applied to particular characters.
11:30 - Students will eat lunch. 
12:00 - Students will get into costumes and make up. While we appreciate the offers of help, students will be working together to get themselves ready. 
12:00 - Parent helper arrives. This parent will be helping to supervise students that are not on stage during the play. 
12:45 - Doors open for matinee seating. Family and friends are welcome to take a seat and read the program. 
1:00 - Matinee begins
3:30 - Matinee ends and students remove costumes and make up
3:45 - Recess
4:15 - Dinner 
5:00 - Parent helper arrives. This parent will be helping to supervise students that are not on stage during the play. 
5:15 - Students will get into costumes and make up. While we appreciate the offers of help, students will be working together to get themselves ready. This is a chaotic time in the prep area. We would appreciate friends and family waiting for us in the gym. 
5:30 - Doors open for seating. 
6:00 - Evening performance begins
8:30 - Evening performance ends. Take lots of pictures!
8:30 - Students return to classroom to clean up their space. No one is dismissed until I have checked their area. They will need to fold their costume and place it back in the bag. This bag must be placed back in the costume tub. Their desk and the floor around their desk must be clean before they will be dismissed. Parents are needed to help supervise clean up in the room and to help break down chairs in the gym. 

Cast Party Potluck

December 14th, 2017

This list will be updated as people respond with what they're willing to bring. Items may be sent in the morning with your student, or brought in after school. 

Tortilla Chips (2 bags) - Erbes
Flour Tortillas (25 - 40) - Hibpshmans
Corn Tortillas (25 - 40) - Hibspshmans
Taco Shells (25 - 40) - Coopers
Refried Beans (4 small cans or 2 large cans) - Hoyers
Spanish Rice (1 medium size bowl) - Paks
Seasoned Ground Beef (5 pounds) - Wilsons
Shredded Lettuce (two heads or 3 preshredded bags) - 
Cheddar Cheese (2 large bags) - Walshs
Diced Tomatoes (2) - 
Diced Onion (2) - 
Olives (1 can) - Campbells
Mild Salsa (1 large jar) - Coopers
Sour Cream (2 containers) - Campbells
Dessert (25 people) - Davalos and Dorrs

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Applebee's Fundraiser

Our next fundraiser is upon us.January 27, we will be hosting an Applebee’s pancake breakfast from 8:00 - 10:00 AM at the Happy Valley Applebee’s. There are two ways for students to help us make the most of this fundraiser.

  1. Over the next few weeks families are asked to help us sell as many tickets as possible. Our goal is to raise at least $1000. Tickets are $10 each, with our profit being $6.00 of that. So we need to sell just under 200 tickets to meet our goal. That seems like a lot, but when we divide that by 24, it’s only about 9 tickets per family. We will also be advertising to all Cascade families, which will help. For their $10, attendees will receive pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, coffee, milk, juice, and soft drinks. You will find 8 tickets for your 8th grader to work on selling in your student's backpack today. We can accept cash or checks made out to Cascade Heights Public Charter School. If you need more, please let me know and I’ll get you another set. If you have not sold the original 8 by January 15th, please return to them to school so we can pass them out to others. There is a limit of 300 total tickets we can sell, and we would love to sell out.
  2. The second way to help is to work the day of the fundraiser. Students 14 and older will help seating people and clearing dishes. We need 10 people to help, so everyone that is able is highly encouraged to work that day.

Memorization Techniques

Memorizing lines can be quite difficult, but we have spent significant amounts of time in class as a group, in small groups, and individually. 

Here are some tips for memorizing that may help over the long weekend. If you are able to come in and work with individuals or small groups during the week, I would very much appreciate it.

Tips for Memorizing Lines

Here are some tips and tricks for memorizing lines!

Don’t try to memorize too much at one time. Instead, break it up into parts. If you are trying to memorize a poem, don’t do the whole thing at once. Memorize just one stanza at a time.
You can sometimes “chunk” information. Remembering 10 numbers in a sequence is hard (3 0 7 5 5 5 8 2 9 4). But remembering 10 numbers in telephone format is a lot easier (307- 555-8294).
Repetition over time is the most important method of getting information into your head and retrieving it readily. Don’t cram; the information won’t stick. Repeat the information frequently over time.
Writing things down and saying them out loud are wonderful ways to help you remember things. When you use these two strategies, think about what you are trying to remember. Just don’t say things out loud when they will annoy other people.
Adding a tune to what you are memorizing can be really helpful. The best example is the alphabet song, which you probably learned when you were four or five years old. Isn’t it unbelievable that you could remember all 26 letters at that age?
The Rehearsal 2 app. This is hands down my favorite way for actors to learn lines. It’s the scene partner that never gets tired of running lines with you. If you can get past the fact that it’s $19.99, this is a game changer. You can highlight the lines in the app, record the other character’s lines, and use it as a teleprompter, which will scroll through the script as you are reading it. Then it just keeps playing on a loop. The secret for me is to whisper my lines and read the other character’s lines out loud when I’m recording, so I don’t get too caught up in the way I’m saying my lines, but I know how much time I have to say them. I will literally put my iPad on a chair and pretend I’m running lines with someone. It’s so much better than a tape recorder. Love it. (Time: Approx. 30 minutes for a 12-page scene.)
Run the lines with someone many times. Preferably an actor, not your friend who was an extra on “Blue Bloods” one time, likes to coach you, and keeps reading the stage directions out loud. The first time you run through it, just listen to the words. Focus on pausing between each line, really absorbing what’s being said and going over the scene many times in many different ways, playing with intention, actions, and pacing. Try it sitting and standing, and allow yourself to make mistakes and explore every way not to do it, while also getting more and more comfortable with the lines. Focus on the “why” and the circumstances, which will help you learn the scene on a deeper level. If you forget your lines, you can find your way back because you really understand what’s going on. (Time: Approx. 30 minutes to an hour.)
  • Cook, clean, or go jogging.
    While you're repeating the words, do something with your hands and feet. Do some cooking, clean your bathroom, or go for a run. This will occupy the parts of your brain you don't need for memorizing.
  • Take your time.
  • This technique requires lots of time to work its magic. So if you have to be off book by next month, start now and take your time.
  • Whisper instead.
    This technique requires you to talk a lot. It may be hard on your voice. If you need to, whisper it instead.
  • Remember to breathe.
    It may sound simple, but it isn't. People like to hold their breath subconciously. But if you breathe, it will help you remember the text better.

Twelfth Night

We are less than 15 days from the curtain rising on this amazing production. I am quite pleased with how hard everyone is working and can't wait to see what the final product looks like.

In the coming three weeks we will be increasing rehearsal time, working on costumes, make up, play bills, and programs.

If you are available, I could use extra hands!

Volunteer Needs:
1. Readers - I need people who are willing to listen to students practice their parts. This can occur at any time during the day. Just come down to the room (after checking in at the office of course) and I'll send someone out with you.

2. Costumes - I need 2 people to help students try on costumes, put names on bags, and inventory what we still need. 

3. Cast Party Taco Bar Donations - The day of the event, students will stay at school with me. We will have a short recess, then have our cast party. This is the celebration of all of their hard work and a chance to blow off some steam before the night performance. I will be sending out a list of needed items so people can sign up.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November Update

Upcoming Events: 
November 14 - High School Field Trip
November 16 - Middle School Music Concert 
                         5:45 - Students arrive 
                         6:30 - Concert begins
November 22 - 23 - School closed for Thanksgiving
December 14 - Twelfth Night Performances
                         1:00 - Matinee
                         3:30 - Cast party
                         6:00 - Night performance

History - We have finished our work on Civics and are moving into the end of European colonialism with a focus on the Indian Independence Movement. 

Science - Physics is still the core of what we're doing! We've covered forces and work. This month we shift to energy before putting together our physics midterm, Rube Goldberg machines! 

Reading - Non fiction work continues via Readworks while our literature focus is on Twelfth Night! In class we are reading the play and discussing the layers upon layers of content. At home, students are working hard (or should be) at memorizing their parts. Soon we will be doing stage make up lessons, costume fittings, and start staging. 

Writing - Our current unit focuses on using literary devices to make writing come alive for the reader. Last week we wrote about the highlights of autumn while this week we are focusing on our strongest emotional reaction. 

High School Readiness:
  • Milwaukie Academy of the Arts applications are now being accepted. If you are considering MAA, please get the application in this week. 
  • La Salle testing is coming up. Get those applications going. 
  • Clackamas Middle College testing is occurring now. Schedule a time at the Harmony Campus or at the Oregon City Campus. I've only received one letter of recommendation request, please don't wait until the last minute. 
Thank you to Mrs. Dorr, Mr. Cooper, Mrs. Haight, and Mrs. Hibpshman, and Mr. Campbell for helping with the sock hop. We made a total of $700.00, which is a great start. 

Our next fundraiser is the Applebee's Pancake Breakfast at the end of January. In the next week or two we'll get tickets to sell. This has the potential to raise in the area of $1500 if we reach out to everyone we know. More details will come home next week! 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Good morning Falcon community,

Please check your student for signs of lice . Lice can happen to any child, in any family, in any home. We have had a few cases this week, and we would like to make sure families are able to deal with it as soon as possible.

Please let me know if you have any questions. If your child or family has a case of lice that occurs, please feel comfortable communicating this with the office, teacher and/or myself. Lice is not a reflection of the cleanliness of your home or family. We will hold this information confidentially and communicate only what will help the community. 

Here are some details about our lice policy:
  • Whole school/whole class lice checks will not occur (due to state and district policy as well as to protect the emotional needs of our students).
  • If a pattern of lice incidents occurs (>3 students/classroom) individual students will be sent to the office and checked confidentially.
  • If a teacher sees a student itching excessively or showing other signs, they will be sent to the office discreetly. A trained member of the office team will privately and confidentially check the child. 
  • If live bugs are found, the parents will be contacted and the student will be sent home. 
  • If nits (eggs) are found, the parent will be notified and the student will return to class unless otherwise requested by the parent/guardian.
  • Whole school communication will occur if there's a systemic concern. The specific grade level will not be indicated in order to protect confidentiality.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Jog A Thon

A note from Mr. Weaver about the Jog A Thon...

Good Afternoon Falcon Families, 

We are less than one week away from our 11th Annual Jog-a-Thon! It is thisThursday, October 26th!

I have attached the parent letter that you all should have received, this explains what the jog-a-thon is, why we do it here at CHPCS, and how you can volunteer!

This year we are trying something new. We understand that it can be difficult for anyone to jog for 30 minutes in our school uniforms. So, we have decided to allow our students to wear appropriate athletic attire on the day of the jog-a-thon! They do not have to bring a uniform to change into after they complete the jog-a-thon. They get to wear their athletic attire all day! 

Here are some appropriate athletic attire items:
- t-shirt (no inappropriate logos, field trip t-shirts are great!)
- basketball shorts
- running shorts (please wear running tights, spandex shorts, or leggings under short running shorts)
- athletic shirts (no spaghetti straps)
- tennis shoes
- soccer cleats (to be worn only when jogging in the jog-a-thon)

The uniform closet is available for student who are unable to follow the appropriate athletic attire. 

Here are the times each grade will be participating. You are welcome to come volunteer and cheer on your children when they are jogging!

K - 2nd: 9:00 - 9:30

3rd - 5th: 10:00 - 10:30

6th - 8th: 11:00 - 11:30

Other reminders:
- Hats cannot be worn in the school
- Umbrellas cannot be used while jogging
- It may be raining, so dress accordingly

This is a great event and we all have so much fun. If you have any questions, please read the attached letter. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here at CHPCS!

Thank you and have a great day, 

Mr. Weaver

School Pictures

Cascade Height’s photo galleries will be closing at midnight tonight Monday 10/23.

Apple of My Eye Photography has our school pictures ready for you to view and order!  Our school's gallery will be open for one week. Access to the galleries will be available through Monday, October 23rd,  so please be sure to place your order by then.

Every child has their own password protected photo gallery.  Here’s how to access and order your child’s photos.

1.  Click on this link:

2.  Find and click on the Cascade Heights logo. This will bring up a small search box.

3.  Enter your child's password into the search box. 

The password is your child’s birthday in the two-digit MMDDYY format followed by the first initial of their LEGAL first name
For example: if your daughter's name is Ava and her birthday is February 13, 2008, her password would be 021308a

4.  When the correct password is entered, the gallery of images will appear for you to view and place your order. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

8th Grade Update

Things are going very well in 8th grade! We are working hard and building new habits centered about work completion, kindness, respect towards other, and being proud of our efforts.

We are in the middle of our unit on government. Topics already discussed include the types of government, the foundation of our government, anatomy of the Constitution, and the anatomy of our government. We are currently focusing on the Executive Branch and will be moving into the Legislative Branch next week.

Vectors, Scalars, friction, gravity, free body diagrams, forces, and buoyancy... all things covered in the last few weeks. Yesterday's buoyancy lab was wet, but fun. In the coming weeks we'll continue to cover each of the forces and momentum.

Writing has been going extremely well. I'm seeing greater depth, wider vocabulary, and an attention to detail that makes reading papers a pleasure. This is an incredibly creative group and their narrative essays, business letters, and expository essays are coming along beautifully. We will be continuing with expository essays for a few weeks before moving on to poetry.

So far we have covered smoking and the effects of vaping. Next week, we will be beginning the lessons on sexuality. These will cover what sex is, sexual preference, types of protection, where to access accurate information, and sexually transmitted infections. Parents are welcome to sit in. I will be covering this material on Wednesday from 10:30 - 12:00. If you'd like to take a look at the PowerPoint I'll be using, it will be ready on Monday.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Presidential Campaign Writing

This week we are blending Civics with writing. As we study the executive branch of the government, students will be creating their own presidential campaign. Today students were asked to choose three national or global issues that they felt were the most important topics of today. These became their campaign platform.

Step 1 – Decide on your Platform
·      What 5 national or global issues are most important to you?
·      Where do you stand on these?
·      What is the issue and what would YOU do to fix it if you were president?
·      Narrow these 5 down to your top 3. Choose the ones you feel would resonate with the largest portion of the population. 

After some time to brainstorm, we sorted some possible issues into categories: 
1.  Human Rights
a.   Women’s right (equal pay, reproductive rights)
b.  Minority rights (interactions with law enforcement, profiling, economic issues, housing discrimination)
c.   Immigration
2.  Economy
a.   Taxes
b.  Unemployment
c.   Foreign Trade
3.  Environment
a.   Global warming
b.  Role of science
c.   Environmental laws/restrictions
4.  Constitutional Amendment
a.   2nd amendment (gun control)
b.  Military use
5.  Foreign Policy
a.   Aid to other countries
b.  Sending troops
c.   Immigration
6.  Education
a.   What rules or laws?
b.  Funding
c.   Literacy rates
d.  Testing

These were just a few of the ideas that students listed. Everyone was welcome to choose others if none of these spoke to them. 

Next up was to start a letter writing campaign to raise money in order to fund their campaign. This is more difficult than it sounds. Students were asked to identify organizations or companies that shared a common interest in one of their platform issues. Once they had a destination identified, they needed to write a formal business letter to that person requesting support. These are turned in to me and in the morning they will find out if they were successful. Over the next few weeks students will continue to write these letters. This is where you come in! Talk about the issues your student has identified. What groups or companies have a vested interest? Who should they be writing to? These conversations can help them diversify their thinking and foster new connections. 

Over the next week and a half they will be creating campaign posters, designing and pricing merchandise, proposing cabinet members and supreme court judges, and evaluating infographics to decide where to spend their hard earned money. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fall Conferences

If you haven't signed up for Fall Conferences, please do! I value this time to sit down and discuss your hopes, dreams, and concerns.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Social Development of 8th Graders

8th grade is a year of change. Students are not only making academic gains but also looking ahead to who they want to be as human beings. This is an exciting process which at times can be uncomfortable for them and for you as parents. 

Personal development during this time takes many avenues. For some this means exploring friendships and what it means to be a friend. People who have been friends for years may find themselves drifting apart as interests develop and change while those who have not spent much time together may suddenly find themselves sharing new interests and thus more time together. In class my expectation is that all students welcome everyone and work with others  respectfully. This particular group of young adults is working on that on a daily basis. I have touched bases with the other teachers and they assure me that they are typically open and welcoming with each other. They keep an eye out for classmates who are hurting, alone, or in need. When placed in groups they usually welcome their partners and work effectively with them. This does not mean they never get frustrated with each other, but it means they are working on dealing with it appropriately and letting go of grudges. As students are exploring new friendships there will be times that individuals invite one or more others to spend time together outside of school. As parents we may question their choices. That is a great time to ask questions which may help students to think through their choices, but in the end, it is time to let them see what comes of their decisions. 

Another outlet for social development is social media. Some students are using 10 - 12 apps or forms of technology on a daily basis. These can be powerful tools that put all of the knowledge of the world at their fingertips. It can also allow them to communicate with each other at all times of the day and night. In 8th grade these communications can be silly, funny, educational, friendly, and appropriate. They also can be the converse. Now is a great time to have honest conversations about what type of communications your family considers appropriate. What are appropriate hours? What are appropriate topics? What should they do if they are being appropriate but someone they are talking to isn't? Taking time to talk these things through when it isn't a problem allows your teen to react appropriately when they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. These topics will be addressed again when we discuss them in health class later in the year, but there is no reason to wait until then. 

This is an exciting time in your family's life. It is emotional, exciting, scary, and joyous. The entire staff of Cascade Heights is here to walk this journey with you, through the ups and downs. Conferences are coming up in three weeks and is the perfect opportunity to discuss your hopes, dreams, and concerns. 

Chinese Culture Field Trip

Chinese Culture Field Trip

Image result for dragon boat

Our next field trip is this coming Friday! We're very excited to experience some of the traditions and culture of China, which relates directly to our current literature book. It is going to be a full day of outdoor fun. 

When: October 6th, 2017
Time:  Regular school day. The bus leaves at 9:00 and returns at 3:00

Uniform: Regular uniform with short sleeves.***2*** sweatshirts or jackets. The idea set up would be a warm vest and then a long sleeve jacket or sweatshirt to put on after dragon boating. If they wear long sleeves in the boat, they will end up cold and wet. Also, pants should not be tight, as they will need to sit low in the boat and be able to walk all over downtown. 

Schedule: (Subject to change)
9:00 - Load bus
9:30 - 11:30 - Dragon boating
11:45 - 1:00 - Lunch - No forks allowed! (Even for chaperones)
1:00 - Walking tour of China Town lead by Laio Shi
2:00 - Load bus
2:30 - Thank you notes, wrap up, etc

Mr. Brewer
Mrs. Harkins
Mr. Harkins

I need one more chaperone please!
All chaperones must be dressed for boating as well, since they require all adults to be in the boats! 

8th Grade Progress Reports

Last week we introduced new weekly progress reports! The intent is for students and families to get immediate feedback on student progress in vocabulary, math, world language, music, art, and PE. Teachers will be indicating homework return and in class participation for each day. Once students have 8 consecutive days of full participation and homework return, they will no longer have to get them signed. We're striving for growth and independence, and this is one more tool!

Thank you for your support.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Ashland Volunteers

Drum Roll Please.....
First up is the fathers!

Mr. Harrel and Mr. Pak will be joining us on the trip. If either of them cannot join us for any reason, Mr. Wilson is our first substitute and Mr. Stinson is our second.

And for the moms..
Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Hibpshman will be joining us. With Mrs. Snow and Mrs. Hoke as our substitutes.

Thank you!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Health Lesson #1

Related image

Today we had our first of many health lessons. Students used our new Chrome Book cart to complete a webquest that delved into issues with smoking in all of its forms. Be sure to ask your student what they learned about tobacco and nicotine use.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Curling Field Trip

Curling Field Trip

Our first field trip will be on September 28th, 2017. We are going to Evergreen Curling Club to learn the sport of curling and to see physics in action!

About Evergreen Curling:
"Curling first came to the Portland, OR area in the winter of 1847 when the HMS Modeste, an 18 gun British warship, spent a few months frozen in on the Columbia river near Ft. Vancouver. Four officers from the Modeste bested four locals from the Hudson Bay company in a 3 game series on the frozen river on January 26, 1847. They used locally found stones and a makeshift rink only 22 yards in length. During the after-match partying they cordially instituted the Vancouver Curling Club, the fate of which remains a mystery today.
More than 110 years later, in September of 1962, Harold Mahnke, a retired school teacher from Superior, WI, re-introduced the ancient sport to Portland by holding a series of curling exhibition matches at Lloyd Center Ice Rink near downtown Portland. Mahnke then established the Portland Curling Club which hosted games on rented ice at the Silver Skate Ice Rink in Portland for 20 years until the demise of Silver Skate in 1983.
In January 2013, Evergreen CC took another step by opening Oregon's first dedicated curling facility. The three sheet facility is located in a rented warehouse in Beaverton, OR. Evergreen CC provides a variety of programs during curling season including nightly leagues, learn-to-curl classes, corporate events, a junior instruction program, skill clinics, bonspiels, competitive playdowns and private parties. The facility includes a warm room with bar, and state-of-the-art video monitoring with live streaming and commentary to the Internet during competition."
We will leave school at 8:00 and return at 12:00. Students will wear their regular school uniform (pants only) and must bring a warm jacket. Curling is played on ice, which means the room is below freezing! Everyone, parents included, should bring a warm jacket and gloves. 
I can take up to 3 parent volunteers. If you'd like to attend, please let me know right away. 

T Shirt Writing Assignment

Persuasive Writing - T Shirt Design
This week's writing assignment is a persuasive piece. Students are to design a t shirt that represents our 8th grade class. After designing their shirt, students will write a 30 second commercial selling their shirt. The commercial must contain all of the dress ups and sentence openers.

Due Date – Monday, September 25th, 2017

Required Materials - Students may use their own filming equipment if they would prefer, or we will film in class on Thursday, September 21st, 2017. The finished project must be a wmv or mp4.

Expected Time Requirement - 1 - 2 hours including t shirt design, KWO, rough draft, final draft, and filming. Writing should explain your design and convince people to buy it.

The final products will be shared in class to help decide the winner of the official 8th grade shirt. 

Ways for parents to be involved:
  • Please ask them about their design. "How does your design represent your class? How did you come up with your ideas? What color do you think this would look good in?" 
  • Offer to help with filming. Parents make great camera operators, spokesmodels, or props. Post editing (if any) should be left to the student.
  •  Review the final product and laugh with your student. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Happy Birthday

Image result for happy birthday
A very happy birthday to the many students who have September birthdays! 


8th Grade Wishlist

If you are out and about and happen to find great deals on the following things, we would love it!

  • 2 tall bar type stools for our tall tables. 
  • Yard/Meter Sticks (We could use a total of 10 or so, but we'll take one gladly)
  • Garbage Grabbers (2) We're in charge of keeping the dumpster area cleaner than it has been, so having a few grabbers to pick up stray papers would be wonderful. 
  • Image result for Thank you clipart

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Computer Sciences and Student Passwords

Today we will be beginning to work with the computers on campus. This will happen in multiple ways and will always be purposeful. Some of the many ways we will work with computers this year include: 

1. Specific lessons on the tools used in word processors, spread sheets, and presentation software. 
2. Creating projects. 
3. Researching projects. 
4. Using modeling software and websites to practice physics concepts. 
5. Robotics

Students will leave 8th grade having a solid handle on technology that they may encounter in the world and the adaptability to work with new software. 

This year we have new software that teachers will be using. It allows us to see what is on every student's screen and to control the screens when it will be more efficient or to redirect students if necessary. For this software to work, students have to log in to Google. They will also use their school email to email me, log in to the Chrome Books, use Google docs, and Google Classroom. 

Today, all students were given 2 copies of their user name and password. One is for them, the other is for the parents. Students are instructed to not change their passwords. If you find that it has been changed, please let me know so we can reset it. 

If you have any questions, please let me know! 

Harvest Festival

12th Annual CHPCS
Harvest Festival
October 12, 2017

Join the CHPCS community for a fun filled evening of free family frivolity.

The Harvest Festival is a chance for CHPCS families and friends to get together and celebrate the turning of the season with music, games, and a baking contest. Hay rides, pumpkin ring toss, face painting, tug o war, and needle in a haystack will keep the young and old entertained for hours. The fun begins at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 7:00 p.m.

Are you a baker? Are you the keeper of Great Granny’s apple pie recipe? Now’s the time to put on your chef hat, dust off your apron, and whip up your favorite apple or pumpkin themed recipe!  The baking contest is open to all adult/child pairs. Baking with children is not only fun, but is great math practice and provides one on one time that encourages open communication. All baking entries are due on October 12th no later than 3:30 p.m. for judging. After ribbons are awarded, the baked goods will be sold at the Harvest Festival for $1.00 a piece.