Thursday, March 23, 2017

NON: Choosing Resources

Over spring break I am keeping homework to a bare minimum. I want students to get outside and enjoy some sunshine, read a book under a tree, and let their brains rest, to a degree.

There is one thing they MUST do, and that is pick up their books for NON.

Yesterday we covered the type of resources available and how to find each one. Below is a list of recommended resources:

1 - Autobiography
1 - Biography
1 - Children's Biography (A children's biography gives the student a quick and dirty feel for their person. It is easy to get through and lets them paint the big picture before diving into meatier books.)
1 - Video - Videos are another way to get a feel for the big picture and to get a visual feel for the person.
1 - Magazine Article
3  - Websites
1 - Interview

Other places we talked about are social media, papers written by the person, and  newspaper articles. The wider the variety of sources the more interesting the information will be and the easier it is to fact check. If you're getting the same information from 4 different source types, you're likely on the right track.

Students DO NOT have to start taking notes over the break, but I highly encourage them to start reading and watching videos. We'll hit the ground running when we get back!

NON: Notecards

Each note card must contain the following things:

1. Color coded
  •      red – childhood
  •      orange – education
  • .    yellow – adulthood
  •     green – career
  •     blue – legacy
  •     purple – civil rights

2. Must be ONE fact per card

3. NOT copied word from word from the book (say it in your own words) OR be sure to put quotes around it

4. on the back, NUMBER your card so it matches the number on your bibliography

I'm often asked, how many note cards does 8th grade need? 
There is not a definitive number. They need to exhaust the known information about their person. For some this will be 150, for some this will be 500. The more information they have, the better their paper will be because they then can sort down to the most relevant facts and apply them to a bigger picture. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Promotion Planning Committee Minutes

Image result for planning committee

Last night we held the promotion planning committee meeting. 3 students were present as well as 7 parents. We discussed possible decorations including bunting, chairs, flowers, photo booths, etc. We split out the jobs into smaller committees and people volunteered to take lead on each of the areas. You can expect to hear from them as we get closer!

  • Mrs. Brinker - Decorations
  • Mrs. Shepard - Dessert
  • Mr. Ediger - Technology
  • Mrs. Cook - Slideshow

Monday, March 20, 2017

NON: Business Letter

Tonight students are looking up one or more addresses for places they can write a letter of inquiry to in order to learn more about their notable figure.

Not sure what to look up? Try some of these:

  • Museums with an exhibit on your person
  • Foundations established by your person
  • Hall of Fame
  • Managers
  • Estate
  • Department of Defense (if person was military) 
  • National Archives
  • Fan Clubs
In class tomorrow we will be writing the business letters and mailing them from school. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ashland Schedule

 Here is what our schedule looks like:

Monday, May 22nd, 2017
8:00 - Arrive at school in casual clothing
9:00 - Load bus

11:00- Arrive at Dexter Lake
BBQ lunch, swimming, disc golf, shenanigans
1:00 - Load bus and depart for Ashland

4:30 - Arrive in dorm
get assigned dorms, set up, learn dorm rules, change in to business casual clothes
5:00 - Dinner in the dining hall
5:45 - Attend workshops at Southern Oregon University

  • YE OLDE PROJECT RUNWAY - Learn about Elizabethan and Renaissance silhouettes and costumes, then create them from newspaper and tape. Students will work together in small groups, with one student from each group acting as Merry Olde’s next top model.
  • RENAISSANCE DANCE - An expert dancer shares his/her knowledge of court and country dances of the Renaissance through lessons in cinquepaces, bergomasks, galliards and other dances.
  • THEATRICAL MAKEUP - An actor demonstrates some skills and secrets of the makeup artist's craft using volunteers from the class. If requested in advance, class can focus on a specific area of the craft.

9:30 - Class meeting in the dorms
10:00 - Showers and bedtime
11:00 - Lights out

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017
7:30  - Up and dressed in business casual
8:00 - Breakfast in the dining hall
9:00 - Load bus
9:15 - Workshop at Oregon Shakespeare Festival
  • Two hours of on-your-feet exercises, led by one or two company members, designed to explore the themes, characters and language of the plays your students will see on their visit to OSF.

11:30 - Load bus
11:45 - Lunch in the dining hall
1:15 - Load bus
1:30 – Julius Caesar
  •  Too much power in one man’s hands
  • Julius Caesar is a marked man. Adoring commoners celebrate his battlefield victories, but those higher up the Roman political ladder worry that his ambition has grown too large. On a stormy night full of alarming sights and ominous portents, Cassius persuades Caesar’s friend Brutus to help him with a momentous task: assassinate Caesar for the good of the Republic. But death doesn’t stop Caesar, whose spirit haunts the destinies of his friends and enemies, threatening the republican ideal for which they murdered him. Shakespeare’s political thriller explores powerbrokers’ strategies—honorable and not—and their unexpected, violent consequences. This production of Julius Caesar is part of Shakespeare in American Communities, a national program of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Arts Midwest.

4:30 - Load bus
 5:00 - Dinner in the dining hall
5:45 - Showers and dressed in formal attire
7:15 -Load bus
7:30 - Prolouge
  •  These dynamic, 30-minute introductions to the plays are presented by a company member. Students who attend Prologues, especially for plays with challenging themes or complex language, such as Shakespeare’s, are better able to understand the plays and get more out of the experience. Prologues introduce characters, themes, language and other background information.

8:00 - Attend Shakespeare in Love
  •  A man and his muse

Poor Will is stuck. He’s overdue with his new play—a half-baked mess called Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate’s Daughter—and he’s having a colossal case of writer’s block. His patrons want a comedy, but he hungers for something more . . . more . . . well, even he can’t come up with the word. Then he meets Viola, a smart beauty who loves his work and ignites his creative flame. But Viola has a secret, and Romeo is turning out to be anything but a laugh fest. Christopher Liam Moore directs this adaptation of the Academy Award–winning screenplay, a witty, romantic feast with music.
 11:00 - Showers and bed

Wednesday, May 24th, 2016
7:30 - Wake up, pack, dressed in business casual
8:00 - Breakfast in dining hall
9:00 - Load bus
9:15 - Exploring Design Workshop

12:00 - Lunch in the dining hall
1:00 - Load bus
1:30 - Attend Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles
  • A new life—that comes at a price.For Jason, things are finally looking up. The terrifying journey that he and his wife, Medea, endured to travel from southern Mexico to Los Angeles is now in the past, and he’s found steady work and a bright future—or at least that’s what his new boss promises. But Medea, still traumatized by their ordeal, fears their nightmare isn’t over. In this retelling of Medea, OSF’s resident playwright Luis Alfaro blends tragedy, wry humor, Mexican folklore and a bracingly modern setting to unleash the power of Euripides’ ancient tale, seen through the lens of immigrants in the United States.

11:30 - Load bus
3:00 - Load bus
5:30 - Stop in Springfield for dinner at Coburg Pizza Company
7:00 - Load bus

9:00 (This is of course dependent on traffic. The last two years we have arrived closer to 10:30 PM) - Arrive at CHPCS

Monday, March 13, 2017

Night of the Notables Banned List

This Thursday students will receive their NON packets. That means the search for the "just right" notable figure has begun! To ensure no one gets too excited about a figure that is off limits, I'm publishing the banned list now. Remember to use CTRL F to search quickly.

Adam Savage
Alex Morgan
Alexander Fleming
Alexander Hamilton
Alvin C. York
Annie Peck
Ansel Adams
Babe Ruth
BB King
Betsy Ross
Bill Gates
Charlie Chaplin
Clara Brown
Cy Young
Daisy Bates
Eleanor Roosevelt
Elizabeth Hamilton
Elizabeth Taylor
Ella Fitzgerald
Ellen Degeneres
Esther Williams
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Fred Rogers
Frida Kahlo
Gala Dali
George Lucas
Gustav Klimt
Hideo Kojima
Indira Gahndi
J.R.R. Tolkien
Jane Addams
Jane Austen
Joan of Arc
John Augustus Larson
John Steinbeck
John Williams
Joseph Smith
Judy Garland
Julie Andrews
Katherine Hepburn
Leon Foucault
Lord Baden - Powell
Louisa May Alcott
Margaret Fonteyn
Marie Curie
Mary Cassatt
Maximilien Robespierre
Michael Jackson
Nellie Bly
Niccolo Paganini
Niels Henrik Abel
Peter the Great
Robert Ripley
Robin Williams
Ruth Bader Ginsburge
Sergei Korolev
Simon Bolivar
Sophie Germain
Stephen Curry
Steve Jobs
Steven Spielberg
T. E. Lawrence
Teddy Roosevelt

Walt Disney
Alan Turing
Anastasia Romanov
Annie Oakley
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Barbra Streisand
Buffalo Bill
Carl Sagan
Catherine the Great
Courtney Force
Danica Patrick
Doris Day
Duke Ellington
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Edgar Allan Poe
Eileen Collins
Eli Whitney
Elie Wiesel
Elvis Presley
Emma Watson
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Garett Morgan
General Custer
Gloria Steinem
Guy Fieri
Harriet B. Stowe
Harriet Tubman
Hedy Lamarr
Helen Mirren
Isaac Newton
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Jack Johnson
Jackie Robinson
James Naismith
Jennie Finch
John Brown
Jurgen Klinsmann
Leonardo Da Vinci
Lindsey Stirling
Loretta Young
Lotta Crabtree
Malala Yousafzai
Manfred von Richthofen
Marie Antoinette
Marlene Dietrich
Martha Jane Canary
Martin Luther King Jr.
Maxfield Parrish
Maximilian Kolbe
Medgar Evers
Moctezuma II
Monica Seles
Neil Patrick Harris
Nick Vujicic
Oscar Wilde
Pablo Picasso
Peyton Manning
Queen Elizabeth 1
Queen Hatshepsut
Rene LaCoste
Robert "Laurence" Binyon
Rocky Marciano
Rose Monroe
Salvador Dali
Samuel Colt
Stan Lee
Tamara Karsavina
Thomas Newcomen
Tyra Banks
Ulysses S. Grant
Victoria Woodhull
W. C. Grimm
Winston Churchill
Zahir al-Din Muhammud Babur

Safety First

Image result for safety first

In the name of safety, it is important that everyone use the front door of the school to enter and exit the building. This allows us to know who is in the building and keeps students from getting into the habit of opening doors for random people they see at other doors. 

Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe. 

Promotion Planning Meeting

Image result for middle school promotion

If you would like to work on the planning committee for promotion, please join me on Monday, March 20th at 5:00 in the 8th grade room.

The planning committee is open to both students and parents and will have a voice in the following topics:

  • Decorations
  • Food
  • Slideshow

We already know the date, time, and location!
June 6th, 2017
6:30 - 8:00 PM
Cascade Heights Public Charter School Gym

Student speakers will be chosen in May. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Bonus Field Trip

April 26th, 2017
11:30 - 2:30 PM

Image result for electricity clip art

Bonneville Power Administration Lab

Electricity 101 
Students can visit BPA laboratories in Vancouver, Wash. for an up-close look at how electricity works in the Northwest. They visit three stations; the High Voltage Labs, the Mechanical Testing labs, and a visit with "Dr. Science" who shares little-known facts about electricity.

I need 2 chaperones for this trip. If you are available, please email me. I will post an update on this post when I have the two I need. Thank you!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Final Fundraising Numbers

Related image

Good Morning 8th Grade Families, 
After depositing our Applebee's funds and talking with Mrs. Macy and our bookkeeper, I have final numbers so decisions can be made! 

With three fundraisers, (poinsettias, sock hop, Applebee's)  and several donations, we have raised $3496. This is phenomenal and shows the hard work and dedication of our students and parents. This, added to some school funding puts us within $600 of our original goal. It was requested that I put this out before making any adjustments to our agenda. If your family would like to make a last donation, it would be much appreciated, but we fully understand that not everyone is in a place where they can do that. 

Any donations should be in no later than Thursday of next week so deposits can be made and agendas finalized. 

Again, thank you for all of your support this year. 

Ashland Packing List

I am posting the packing list now so families can be on the lookout for sales on anything they may need to find between now and then.

Ashland Packing List

brush or comb
hair ties/bobby pins/other hairstyling accessories
hair dryer/curling iron
retainer/ washing stuff
rubber bands/wax/ other braces required stuff
face wash stuff
make up/chap stick
2 casual shirts
2 medium dressy shirts
1 dressy shirt/dress/tie/suit jacket
2+ pairs of underwear
2 pairs of socks
2 pairs of casual pants
2 pairs semi dressy pants
1 pair of dressy pants
dress socks/tights/nylons
shoes/dress shoes
sleeping bag
swim suit
towel x2
entertainment for the bus

Spring Music Concert

Image result for spring music concert themes

April 13th, 2017
6:30 PM

We look forward to seeing you then! 
Watch your email for more information about dress code, parking, etc. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Looking for Someplace to Eat?

8th grade wrote recommendations for some of their favorite restaurants. Click below to hear what they have to say. Be sure to keep checking back for more!

Fuddruckers Again
Bartos Grill
Rice Thai Cookery
Portland City Grill
Fruitea Bubbles
Urth Cafe
Chan's Steakery
Safeway Deli
Super Torta
Super Burrito
Olive Garden

Space Race Final Study Guide

1. Put these events in proper chronological order:
·     Space shuttle launch
·     Red stone rocket launch
·     Von Braun goes to work for the US
·     USSR puts a man in space
·     First women in space
·     Sputnik launched
·     First successful orbit of the earth
2. Identify the major milestones by the USSR and the US (Who did what first?)
3. Compare and contrast the Sputnik I with the Explorer I
4. Draw and label a US spacesuit
5. Describe testing undergone by US astronauts
6. What did NASA take in to consideration when choosing astronauts?

7. Explain the processes and issues faced with creating working boosters.
8. Name at least 3 women who were instrumental in the space program and their role.
9. Draw and explain the various parts of the Saturn V.
10. What role did animals play in putting a human in space?
11. Know 5 things the USSR contributed to space travel
12. Discuss theories on aliens
13. Describe the role of art in the space program
14. Compare and contrast the Soviet and US launch pads
15. Be prepared to discuss 2 movies that accurately portray space travel and 2 that do not.
16. What is the future of space travel?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

​¡Día de los Niños y Día de los Libros!

Buenos días a todos,

El Día de los Niños, (the day of the children) is a special holiday to celebrate reading with families and children. Mexico and Latin American countries celebrate this holiday on April 30th every year. 

To learn more about it you may visit here.

I will be attending this celebration at the Gresham Library on Saturday, April 15th, at 2:00pm with my family and would like to invite any and all families that would like to join us as well. 

There are other opportunities to celebrate, too. Please view link below for more information. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions,

Maestra Novelo, Spanish Teacher

Monday, March 6, 2017

Matt Utterback - Superintendent of the Year

North Clackamas School District superintendent, and Cascade Heights supporter, Matt Utterback was named superintendent of the year recently. Please join me in congratulating him!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Upcoming Dates in March

March 4th - Applebee's Fundraiser - Completed!
March 6th - Space Race Presentations
March 14th - PTA Meeting
March 16th - BINGO Fundraiser
March 16th - NON Kickoff
March 20th - NON character selection due
March 20th - Board of Directors Meeting
March 23 - Ashland update emailed out
March 24th - Spring Break begins

Future Dates:
April - 8th grade promotion meeting
April 27th - Night of the Notables
May 22nd - Ashland

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Thank You

Applebee's was a huge success. We served 130 people, which the manager said was their largest turn out for a fundraiser breakfast at that location. Good work everyone! Everyone was incredibly impressed by the professionalism of our students and the students learned a lot about customer service.

I won't have a total for what we made until everyone gets their money in. I'd estimate we made somewhere between $700 and $1000 but until everything is in, I won't know for sure.