Thursday, March 23, 2017

NON: Notecards

Each note card must contain the following things:

1. Color coded
  •      red – childhood
  •      orange – education
  • .    yellow – adulthood
  •     green – career
  •     blue – legacy
  •     purple – civil rights

2. Must be ONE fact per card

3. NOT copied word from word from the book (say it in your own words) OR be sure to put quotes around it

4. on the back, NUMBER your card so it matches the number on your bibliography

I'm often asked, how many note cards does 8th grade need? 
There is not a definitive number. They need to exhaust the known information about their person. For some this will be 150, for some this will be 500. The more information they have, the better their paper will be because they then can sort down to the most relevant facts and apply them to a bigger picture. 

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