Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last Project of the Year

Civil Rights/Social Activism Final Project

In history we are in the midst of our unit on civil rights and social activism. Over the next few weeks students will use the historical knowledge they have learned to attack a current civil rights or social justice issue of their choice. Students have multiple options for presenting their ideas. They may create a children's book complete with illustrations, write and deliver a speech, film a documentary, paint a mural, create a website, write several songs and produce an album, or create a zine. If nothing of these speak to them, they may propose an alternative project. These projects will be due on June 1st, giving them plenty of time to work on it. 

On June 1st we will hold a day long Teach In. Students will have 10 - 15 to present their project and speak their hearts. I look forward to seeing what each student is passionate about. I expect it to take in the range of 10 - 12 hours spread out over the next month to complete this assignment. We will not have any at home writing assignments during this month in order to ensure they have time to work on it.

Students must identify their social justice issue by this Wednesday and identify their method of presentation by next week.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Ashland Schedule

Monday, May 22nd, 2017
8:00 - Arrive at school in casual clothing
9:00 - Load bus
11:00- Arrive at Dexter Lake 

·                     BBQ lunch, swimming, disc golf, shenanigans

1:00 - Load bus and depart for Ashland

4:30 - Arrive in dorm

·                     get assigned dorms, set up, learn dorm rules, change in to business casual clothes
5:30 - Dinner in the dining hall
6:30 - Attend workshops at Southern Oregon University

·                     YE OLDE PROJECT RUNWAY - Learn about Elizabethan and Renaissance silhouettes and costumes, then create them from newspaper and tape. Students will work together in small groups, with one student from each group acting as Merry Olde’s next top model.
·         THEATRICAL MAKEUP - An actor demonstrates some skills and secrets of the makeup artist's craft using volunteers from the class. If requested in advance, class can focus on a specific area of the craft.

·         RENAISSANCE DANCE - An expert dancer shares his/her knowledge of court and country dances of the Renaissance through lessons in cinquepaces, bergomasks, galliards and other dances.

9:30 - Class meeting in the dorms
10:00 - Showers and bedtime
11:00 - Lights out

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017
7:30  Up and dressed in business casual
8:00 - Breakfast in the dining hall
10:15 - Load bus 
10:30 - Workshop at Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Exploring Design - What inspires the designs for this season’s productions? What factors influence the designers’ choices? These questions and more are answered in a one-hour exploration of the creative process. Students discover how the words of a script are turned into a production on stage by investigating the text, visual research, drawings and photos from previous productions.

11:30 - Load bus
11:45 - Lunch in the dining hall
1:15 - Load bus
1:30 - Attend Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is a marked man. Adoring commoners celebrate his battlefield victories, but those higher up the Roman political ladder worry that his ambition has grown too large. On a stormy night full of alarming sights and ominous portents, Cassius persuades Caesar’s friend Brutus to help him with a momentous task: assassinate Caesar for the good of the Republic. But death doesn’t stop Caesar, whose spirit haunts the destinies of his friends and enemies, threatening the republican ideal for which they murdered him. Shakespeare’s political thriller explores powerbrokers’ strategies—honorable and not—and their unexpected, violent consequences. 

4:00 - Load bus
5:00 - Dinner in the dining hall
5:45 - Showers and dressed in formal attire
7:20 -Load bus

8:00 - Attend Shakespeare In Love

Poor Will is stuck. He’s overdue with his new play—a half-baked mess called Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate’s Daughter—and he’s having a colossal case of writer’s block. His patrons want a comedy, but he hungers for something more . . . more . . . well, even he can’t come up with the word. Then he meets Viola, a smart beauty who loves his work and ignites his creative flame. But Viola has a secret, and Romeo is turning out to be anything but a laugh fest. Christopher Liam Moore directs this adaptation of the Academy Award–winning screenplay, a witty, romantic feast with music. 

10:50 – Load Bus

 11:00 - Showers and bed

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

7:30 - Wake up, pack, dressed in business casual 
8:00 - Breakfast in dining hall
9:00 - Load bus
9:15 - Workshop
Two hours of on-your-feet exercises led by two company members, designed to explore themes, characters and language of the plays

11:30 - Load bus
11:40 - Lunch in the dining hall
12:15 - Load bus
12:30 – Attend Prolouge
1:30 – Attend Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles
For Jason, things are finally looking up. The terrifying journey that he and his wife, Medea, endured to travel from southern Mexico to Los Angeles is now in the past, and he’s found steady work and a bright future—or at least that’s what his new boss promises. But Medea, still traumatized by their ordeal, fears their nightmare isn’t over. In this retelling of Medea, OSF’s resident playwright Luis Alfaro blends tragedy, wry humor, Mexican folklore and a bracingly modern setting to unleash the power of Euripides’ ancient tale, seen through the lens of immigrants in the United States. 

3:00 - Load bus
5:30 - Stop in Springfield for dinner at Coburg Pizza Company
6:30 - Load bus
9:00 - Arrive at CHPCS

Night of the Notables and Wax Museum

Good afternoon middle school families, 

NON Schedule
Night of the Notables and the 4th Grade Oregon History Wax Museum are coming up quickly. (April 27, 2017) This very special night (April 27, 2017) is one of the highlights of middle school and is a chance for your friends and family to see the amazing work done. Please mark your calendar (April 27, 2017) and clear your schedules! The night is not optional for students, as it is the presentation portion of their project and students are excited to share their hard work with you.
This year NON and the Wax Museum are being held at Cascade Heights, so be sure to get here early for parking! Everyone should enter through the front doors unless they need handicap access. 


5:30 - 4th graders arrive in costume and set up for the Oregon History Wax Museum

 5:45 - Wax Museum opens - All visitors are encouraged to visit the Wax Museum

 6:00 - Middle School students must arrive at 6:00 p.m. The doors will open for guests at 6:30 p.m. You may be thinking, "What am I going to do for 30 minutes while my student is getting ready?" Well, I have a great opportunity for you! Ms. Cantin's fourth graders will be entertaining you. They have been studying Oregon history and will have their wax museum set up. While you're waiting, visit each of the wax figures and push their button to hear their recordings.

 6:30 - Wax Museum closes. 4th graders are encouraged to attend the Night of the Notables portion of the evening.

 6:30 - At 6:30 the doors will open and you will be invited to start questioning the notable characters. Each character will be wearing a number and your job is to match that number to the list of characters provided. Remember, you only get three questions per character and you can only ask yes/no questions. If you'd like to do some research ahead of time, the list of characters is below! At 7:15 the notable characters will set up their display boards and you'll have the chance to match your answers to the real answers. How many do you think you can identify correctly? Students will be ready to leave WITH their display boards at 8:05. 

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Abraham Lincoln
Ada Lovelace
Albert Einstein
Alexander G. Bell
Alexander the Great
Ameilia Earhart
Angelina Jolie
Anne Frank
Aung San Suu Kyi
Betty White
Bob Ross
Buster Keaton
Charles Babbage
Charles Darwin
Charles Dickens
Clara Barton
Coco Chanel
CS Lewis
David Beckham
Donald Trump
Dwight D. Eisenheir
Edward Hanson Smith
Elizabeth Blackwell
Emily Dickinson
Eva Paron
Fanny Brice
Felicia Browne
Florence Nightingale
Frank Sinatra
George S. Patton
Grace Hopper
Helen Keller
Hyman G. Rickover
Jackie Ormes
Jim Thorpe
Jimmi Hendrix
Joe Foss
John F Kennedy
Johnny Cash
Jon Stewart
Katherine Johnson
Kerri Walsh Jennings
King Tut
L. Frank Baum
Levi Coffin
Lucy Stone
Mahtma Gandhi
Martin Luther King Jr.
Mary Bliss Parsons
Pearl S. Buck
Phillis Wheatley
Queen Victoria
Rosa Parks
Ruth Wakefield
Sara McLachlan
Shirin Ebadi
Shirley Temple
Sofia Kovaleskaya
Susan B. Anthony
Ted Williams
Vivian Leigh

What We Learned Downtown

  • People downtown are really nice and willing to help. 
  • Anyone can be a street performer. 
  • If you ask people, they're happy to help. 
  • Double check what people are saying, it isn't always right. 
  • Double check the route numbers.  There's more than one route at each stop. 
  • Read for details. 
  • Google Maps is your best friend. 
  • Plan your route so you're not going in circles. 
  • Be patient. The bus can take longer than you think. 
  • City Center is like a giant maze. 
  • Google Maps is easier to use than I thought. 
  • Double check where you're going. 
  • There are reasons that the bus or MAX wouldn't be coming, like weather, construction, etc. 
  • Press the START button before you start moving. 
  • Google Maps is better than Apple Maps. 
  • People are strange. 
  • There is a difference between walking directions and driving directions. 
  • If there's no time listed for a bus, don't use that stop. 
  • By the end of the day I was much more capable and things were easier. 
  • It's draining talking to everyone. 
  • You can walk much longer than you expect. 
  • It's hard to cope with people. 
  • I have a good sense of direction. 
  • I can navigate well.
  • I'm not that patient. 
  • When I'm bored, silly things seem like a good idea. 
  • Talking to people isn't that scary. 
  • I can come up with dumbest ideas that are also a little genius. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Scavenger Hunt Photos

Image result for and they're off

All groups have left the building. I'll be posting pictures as they come in, so keep an eye here for updates.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April Field Trips

We have three field trips this month, one of the 20th, one on the 21st, and one on the 26th. 
April 24 - Life Skills Scavenger Hunt

Dress Code: Business Casual. This means slacks, knee length or longer skirts, polo shirt, blouse, or button up shirt. Walking shoes are encouraged. Jacket is a must. No sweats, jeans, sweatshirts, or t shirts. Students that show up to school in attire that does not meet this requirement will stay at school. 

Lunch: Everyone will need $7.00 for lunch.

Cell Phone/Camera: Yes

Chaperones: Mrs. Brinker, Mrs. Masterson, Mrs. Prisel, Mr. Hodson

Times: 8:30 - 3:30 (Be prepared to be late returning)

April 26 - BPA Lab Tour
Dress Code: Regular uniforms but no skirts or sandals. Everyone must have closed toe shoes on.

Lunch: We will eat before we leave. 

Cell Phone/Cameras: No


Times: 11:45 - 3:30

We need at least 2 more chaperones for the 21st. Please take a moment to look at your schedule and see if you can join us for that day. 

 The parent chaperones need to have extreme self control because this particular trip will be challenging, both for the students and for the parent. 

Student teams will start at school where they will be given their first clue in the Amazing Race. Teams of four (and one adult) will be making their way around the city using only public transportation. Along the way they will need to complete tasks, find information, and work together while attempting to be the first team back to school. 

If you are adventurous, willing to stand back and watch the students figure things out while ensuring safety, and are available on the 21st, please let me know right away! 

It's going to be great fun and one huge learning experience. 

This much fun can't be educational right? Wrong! Students will learn/practice: 
1. Using public transportation (MAX, bus, and street car)
2. Self reliance
3. Using maps
4. Reading charts and tables
5. Teamwork
6. Budgeting
7. Reading labels
8. Problem solving
9. Effective search terms
10. Questioning techniques

Current Chaperones: 
Mrs. Masterson
Mrs. Prisel
Mrs. Brinker
Mr. Hodson

Monday, April 3, 2017

NON: Portrait

Related image

This Thursday students will be drawing their notable person in art class. Everyone needs to bring with them a black and white picture of their notable person to work from. If they need to print at school, they are welcome to do so from 7:45 to 8:00 AM. 

NON: Interview

Due Date: April 10, 2017

NON Interview

Who do you interview?
a. Expert on your person.
                                                 i.     Someone who has spent a minimum of 2 years studying the person or topic
                                              ii.     A relative of the person (not your relative)
                                           iii.     A professor
                                            iv.     A manager
                                               v.     A coach
                                            vi.     Museum curator
                                         vii.     Author
                                      viii.     Themselves
                                            ix.     A publicist
2. How do you interview them?
a. In person
b. Skype/Hangouts/Facetime (video chat)
c.  Phone
3. When does this have to be done?
a. Monday, April 10th

·     Call or email 3 – 4 people tonight
·     Email is going to be a basic business letter – who you are, what you’re doing, and requesting an interview, deadline
·     When they write back set a date, time, and location.
o  If in person schedule in a public place (coffee shop, libraries, park)
o  Going to take a parent
·     Confirm with a follow up email 24 hours before
Video chat interviews can be set up at school if needed. 

The Interview
1. Arrive 15 minutes early
2. Bring paper, multiple writing utensils, and if possible a recording device.
3. Scope out a table and chairs.
4. When they arrive, stand, greet them with a handshake and introduce yourself and your parent.
5. Seat them across from you.
6. Ask if they comfortable with you recording them. If they say yes, start the recorder. If they say no, put it away.
7. Using your prewritten questions, talk to them.
a. Questions cannot be yes/no questions and should not be information you can find in a book.
b. Excellent questions are opinion questions that add to your understanding.
                                                 i.     What about XYZ inspired you to study their life?
                                              ii.     What do you think XYZ would feel about the current state of XYZ?

                                           iii.     How did XYZ’s work in the field of XYZ impact the future of XYZ? 
Parents are NOT to ask questions. They are present for safety only.