Thursday, September 14, 2017

Computer Sciences and Student Passwords

Today we will be beginning to work with the computers on campus. This will happen in multiple ways and will always be purposeful. Some of the many ways we will work with computers this year include: 

1. Specific lessons on the tools used in word processors, spread sheets, and presentation software. 
2. Creating projects. 
3. Researching projects. 
4. Using modeling software and websites to practice physics concepts. 
5. Robotics

Students will leave 8th grade having a solid handle on technology that they may encounter in the world and the adaptability to work with new software. 

This year we have new software that teachers will be using. It allows us to see what is on every student's screen and to control the screens when it will be more efficient or to redirect students if necessary. For this software to work, students have to log in to Google. They will also use their school email to email me, log in to the Chrome Books, use Google docs, and Google Classroom. 

Today, all students were given 2 copies of their user name and password. One is for them, the other is for the parents. Students are instructed to not change their passwords. If you find that it has been changed, please let me know so we can reset it. 

If you have any questions, please let me know! 

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