Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November Update

Upcoming Events: 
November 14 - High School Field Trip
November 16 - Middle School Music Concert 
                         5:45 - Students arrive 
                         6:30 - Concert begins
November 22 - 23 - School closed for Thanksgiving
December 14 - Twelfth Night Performances
                         1:00 - Matinee
                         3:30 - Cast party
                         6:00 - Night performance

History - We have finished our work on Civics and are moving into the end of European colonialism with a focus on the Indian Independence Movement. 

Science - Physics is still the core of what we're doing! We've covered forces and work. This month we shift to energy before putting together our physics midterm, Rube Goldberg machines! 

Reading - Non fiction work continues via Readworks while our literature focus is on Twelfth Night! In class we are reading the play and discussing the layers upon layers of content. At home, students are working hard (or should be) at memorizing their parts. Soon we will be doing stage make up lessons, costume fittings, and start staging. 

Writing - Our current unit focuses on using literary devices to make writing come alive for the reader. Last week we wrote about the highlights of autumn while this week we are focusing on our strongest emotional reaction. 

High School Readiness:
  • Milwaukie Academy of the Arts applications are now being accepted. If you are considering MAA, please get the application in this week. 
  • La Salle testing is coming up. Get those applications going. 
  • Clackamas Middle College testing is occurring now. Schedule a time at the Harmony Campus or at the Oregon City Campus. I've only received one letter of recommendation request, please don't wait until the last minute. 
Thank you to Mrs. Dorr, Mr. Cooper, Mrs. Haight, and Mrs. Hibpshman, and Mr. Campbell for helping with the sock hop. We made a total of $700.00, which is a great start. 

Our next fundraiser is the Applebee's Pancake Breakfast at the end of January. In the next week or two we'll get tickets to sell. This has the potential to raise in the area of $1500 if we reach out to everyone we know. More details will come home next week! 

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