Thursday, December 13, 2018

Cast Party Potluck

Cast Party Potluck

January 9th, 2018

This list will be updated as people respond with what they're willing to bring. Items may be sent in the morning with your student, or brought in after school. 

Tortilla Chips (2 bags) - David
Flour Tortillas (25 - 40) - Jenna
Corn Tortillas (25 - 40) - Jenna
Taco Shells (25 - 40) - Annie
Refried Beans (4 small cans or 2 large cans) - Kamryn
Spanish Rice (1 medium size bowl) - Mikayla
Seasoned Ground Beef (5 pounds) - Riley
Shredded Lettuce (two heads or 3 preshredded bags) -  Avery
Cheddar Cheese (2 large bags) - Miles
Diced Tomatoes (2) - Kyle
Diced Onion (2) - Kyle
Olives (1 can) - Kyle
Mild Salsa (1 large jar) - London, Kyle
Sour Cream (2 containers) - Brooke
Dessert (25 people) - Emilio

Twelfth Night Details

This post contains everything you need to know about the next two weeks. Please read it carefully and refer back to it as necessary. 

Monday, December 17th - 
Students report to the gym at 7:45 for rehearsal. Playbills created in class. Programs and invitations created. Parents needed to work with students on memorizing lines! 

Tuesday, December 18th - 
Students report to the gym at 7:45 for rehearsal.  Parents needed to work with students on memorizing lines and organizing costumes. 

Wednesday, December 19th - 
Students report to the gym at 7:45 for rehearsal. Final check for lines. All students should have 100% of their lines done at this point. All props from home should be on site. Props being created at school finished.  Parents needed to work with students on memorizing lines! 

Monday, January  7th- 
Students report to the gym at 7:45 for rehearsal. Make up and costuming lessons occur in class. Students who have specific make up remover they prefer should bring it to class with them.Parents needed to work with students on pacing and volume. 

Tuesday, January 8th - 
Students report to the gym at 7:45 for rehearsal. Parents needed to work with students on pacing and volume. 

Wednesday, January 9th - 
Students report to class at 7:45. 
11:30 - Students will eat lunch. 
12:00 - Students will get into costumes and make up. While we appreciate the offers of help, students will be working together to get themselves ready. 
12:00 - Parent helper arrives. This parent will be helping to supervise students that are not on stage during the play. 
12:45 - Doors open for matinee seating. Family and friends are welcome to take a seat and read the program. 
1:00 - Matinee begins
3:00 - Matinee ends and students remove costumes and make up
3:45 - Recess
4:15 - Dinner 
5:00 - Parent helper arrives. This parent will be helping to supervise students that are not on stage during the play. 
5:15 - Students will get into costumes and make up. While we appreciate the offers of help, students will be working together to get themselves ready. This is a chaotic time in the prep area. We would appreciate friends and family waiting for us in the gym. 
5:30 - Doors open for seating. 
6:00 - Evening performance begins
8:00 - Evening performance ends. Take lots of pictures!
8:05 - Students return to classroom to clean up their space. No one is dismissed until I have checked their area. They will need to fold their costume and place it back in the bag. This bag must be placed back in the costume tub. Their desk and the floor around their desk must be clean before they will be dismissed. Parents are needed to help supervise clean up in the room and to help break down chairs in the gym. 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

January 11th Field Trip

On January 11th we will be making two stops. At our first stop we will be exploring yet another life time sport. As part of our commitment to teaching the whole child, we strive to introduce students to physical outlets they can participate in beyond their high school years. The experts at the Northwest Fencing Center will be teaching us the basics of fencing!

"Northwest Fencing Center (NWFC) is a non-profit fencing training facility renowned for providing affordable fencing lessons and personalized instruction for athletes of all ages. NWFC began as a group of dedicated fencing athletes and has grown to become a pioneer in the Olympic sport of fencing in Oregon. NWFC is a cutting-edge international training and competition hub, with a reputation for quality instruction, committed coaches and a stellar training facility." 

Many Olympian athletes have trained at NWFC and their regular clientele includes athletes from age 4 - 99. 

Students should wear comfortable stretch pants and a loose fitting t shirt with socks and tennis shoes. They will need to pack their regular uniform for stop 2 as well as a healthy lunch. 

Stop 2 will take advantage of the traveling exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society. 

Portland Psychedelic: Music and Culture in the Rose City and Beyond, 1966 – 1972. "Portland served as a common West Coast stop for touring bands in the 1960s and 1970s, with a number of nationally known musicians playing shows in the Rose City. Local music thrived at the same time, centered on psychedelic coffeehouses across Portland. Featuring posters, handbills, autographs, and other memorabilia representing bands including The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, and Buffalo Springfield, Portland Psychedelic includes over 100 objects recently donated to the Oregon Historical Society Research Library by donor Peter Glazer. Showcasing one of the largest collections of local poster and handbill art, the exhibit gives visitors a glimpse into the music and visual design that dominated the countercultural scene in Portland in the 1960"

This ties neatly in to our later unit on the 60's. 

I currently have NO chaperones for this and need at least 2 more. If you are available, please let me know! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Class Shirts Are Here!

Yesterday our 8th grade class t shirts arrived. We're very excited to have them and they look beautiful.

Students may begin wearing them on Thursdays starting December 20th, 2018. They are worn with uniform pants and are tucked in.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Parent Night Out Cancelled

Due to lack of sign ups, we are cancelling the parent night out. Thank you to everyone who was willing to help.

Milwaukie Academy of the Arts Tour

We will be touring Milwaukie Academy of the Arts on December 18th. We'll leave Cascade Heights at 1:15 and return by carline. If you'd like to join us on this trip, please let me know!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Travel Abroad Celebration

This semester we've had the honor of working with Maddy Scott, who is a PSU student studying abroad in Japan. We corresponded via blog and learned about the every day life of people in Japan. Today, her mom and aunt came in for the final celebration. They brought manga books, Japanese movies, music, arts, and food. The chance to experience cultures that share this planet with us makes us better people. Thank you Maddy for sharing your experiences with us.

Spirit Week

It's Spirit Week! 
Students may wear items that match the theme of the day or their regular uniform. All choices must be school appropriate (no sex, drugs, alcohol, or weapons on anything) and students need to be able to participate in PE and recess. 

Monday - Image result for pajama day

Tuesday - Image result for college day

Wednesday - Image result for hero day

Thursday - Image result for 50's day

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Casserole Cooking Assignment

Tomorrow is our Casserole Potluck. Students were to identify a simple casserole recipe and cook it entirely on their own. We have been discussing this in class for two weeks. The details are below!

When: Thursday, November 29th, 2019
Who: All 8th Graders
What: a simple casserole, defined as any one dish meal that can be baked. Serving size should be about 6. Each person will be trying one - two bites of each one, so we don't need huge serving sizes!
How: Students are to choose a recipe, do all the prep, and share it.

Parents may assist by telling students what to do, but all actual work should be done by the student.

Please mark your crockpot and serving spoon with your name! Masking tape works really well. We want to make sure students get the correct crockpots and serving utensils home.

Image result for casserole clipart

Change of Ashland Date

Due to ticket availability, we have had to change our Ashland dates. Please mark your calendar for Friday, May 31st to Monday,  June 3rd. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Echo Theater Company Photos

This was an incredible trip and not only did we learn a lot, we had tons of fun.

More pictures to come as the rest of the chaperones send them to me!