Thursday, January 18, 2018

Friday Field Trip

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend and got outside to enjoy the sun. I spent quite a bit of it out letterboxing and it was wonderfully refreshing. 

This Friday is our January field trip day. We will be on campus due to a misplaced reservation form, BUT, that does not mean we won't be working hard while engaged in highly motivating and fun hands on experiences. Our day will be jam packed from 8:00 - 3:30. 

We do need a little help to make our day highly successful. 
1. We need gallon jugs, a lot of them. To be specific, we need about 480. If you have any empty gallon size jugs (think milk jugs) please send them in. Ask your neighbors, ask your coworkers, and post of Facebook. We'll take any and all gallon size squarish jugs. These can come in at any time during the week. 

2. Lunch on Friday will be the first in a series of high school readiness cooking projects. Students have been asked to find a recipe and cook a pasta dish. It can be anything they want as long as they do ALL the work themselves. You are welcome to stand over them and give explicit instructions, but they must do all of the work. They will bring these dishes on Friday and we'll taste test everything at lunch. Students should bring a copy of the recipe they used to be shared with their classmates. The hope is that they will start to build a recipe book of easy to make and delicious meals. 

3. Uniform of the day is jeans and class t shirts. We'll be working with hot glue and paint and getting messy, so we'll take it the dress code down one notch to allow everyone to work freely. 

I think that's it for now! Please let me know if you have any questions. 

To recap: 
Uniform: Clean jeans with class t shirt, or regular uniform. 
Bring: Pasta potluck dish, ENTIRELY MADE BY STUDENT, with recipe
Hours: 8:00 - 3:30

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