Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Health This Week

This week we covered the basics of human development. Students should now be able to talk about how an egg is fertilized, how implantation occurs, and then the stages of development throughout pregnancy.

Next week we will be continuing this topic and going deeper into the developmental stages and how nutrition, exercise, prenatal care, drugs, alcohol, and violence can affect development.

One topic that always comes up during this time is abortion. Today it was brought up by students and the definition of abortion was given and we talked about the fact that it is governed by laws which vary from state to state. Students were encouraged to discuss this topic with their parents to clarify what your individual beliefs are around it.

Be prepared for all kinds of questions around pregnancy and delivery. They were fascinated by the process and I'm sure there will be lots of questions about their births.

Monday, February 26, 2018

American Bandstand Photos

Here are a few photos from today's event! I know several other parents were taking pictures as well and I'm hoping they'll send me some. As they come in, I'll add them to this post.

New Battle of the Books Schedule and Scores

Due to the snow days, we had to tweak the schedule. This is our new, and hopefully final, schedule!

February 20th
11:00  8 vs 7 Final Score: 35:11

February 26th 
10:05 4 vs 3 Final Score: 41:42
11:30 8 vs 3 Final Score: 50:37
3:10   6 vs 4 Final Score: 55:49

February 27th
2:30 7 vs 3 Final Score: 36:53
2:50 4 vs 7 Final Score: 47:43
3:10 8 vs 5 Final Score: 64:56

February 28th
10:05 5 vs 4 Final Score: 57:43
2:50 5 vs 3 Final Score: 50:28
3:10 6 vs 7 Final Score: 54:33

March 1st
10:05 6 vs 5
2:50 6 vs 8 Final Score: 67:67
3:10 5 vs 7
7:30 PM - Students vs Staff Final Score: 50: 25

March 5th
10:05 6 vs 3 Final Score: 51: 43
12:45 8 vs 4 Final Score: 70: 54

March 8th
2:45 FINAL Battle between the top two highest scoring classes

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Family Extension Activities

There are three incredible opportunities to extend what we're learning in class coming up. Please consider attending one or more of these. It is an excellent chance to involve the whole family and begin critical dialogues about civil rights.

Sunday, February 11th -
Event attendees will be able to learn about the connections between the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s/1970s and the social justice movements that are currently occurring. Panelists will discuss how things have changed, how they have stayed the same, and what audience members can do to get involved.

Monday, March 26th -
Event attendees will learn about the traditionally untold stories of the Civil Rights Movement, specifically the role of women of color. Speakers will share reflections on their work in the Oregon Civil Rights Movement — their struggles and greatest memories — as well as advice for young activists on how to get involved and what they can do to make a positive difference in their local communities.

Monday, April 30th -
African Americans who lived in Portland during the twentieth century built homes and communities that provided connection among family and friends, and space for growth and learning as government policies, realtors’ practices, and beliefs expressed by dominant Whites often restricted where and how Black people could live. The Fair Housing Act of 1968 challenged some of those discriminatory practices. This panel of Black Portlanders, who were all youths during this time period, will offer first-hand reflections on ways their families and neighbors built and sustained the meaning of home and community across the decades of the twentieth centuries, despite the local and national blocks that sought to prevent them from doing so.

Students who attend any of these events, and tell me about them the next day or sit with me that evening, will be excused from homework. I think the opportunity to get involved with the community and hear from experts in the field is crucial.

Scrip Order

Our first Scrip order for the month of February is due next Monday, 2/12/18 by 8 AM. 

Here is the SWS Weekly Roundup. This is where the company chooses to give the non-profit (CHPCS) a little more.
Inline image 2
Orders for March will be placed on Monday, March 5 & 19, 2018. This way you can have your gift cards for Spring Vacation (March 26-30).

There are two ways to order Scrip. 

1. I have attached an order form to this email. You also can pick up a hard copy order form from the office. Fill out the order form and turn it into the office by Monday morning with your payment. (orders are placed between 8:00-8:30 AM. Any order received after the order is placed will be held for the next submission).

2.You can also order online directly by following the steps listed below.

Please complete the following steps:

·         Please go to and click "Get Started" across the top. 
·         Click on the blue bar down on the left that states "Click Here for Family Enrollment”.
·         Next click on "Join Your Program."
·         Enter the enrollment code DF6D57AD22951 and complete the form.

This program does not cost you anything additional. If you purchase a $25 gift card that is what you get and there is no additional fee. ShopWithScrip purchases the gift cards in such volume the receive it at a heavily discounted rate and is able to offer 4%-16% to the organization who is selling it. The school will receive the earned percentage and we will be able to "Close the Gap" of the funds we do not receive with being a charter school.  The great thing about this program is anyone you know all over the USA is able to help support our school just by using the online information above.  

Thursday, February 1, 2018

February Field Trip

"Making a Change"
CHAPERONES NEEDED! Please let me know if you can join us.
This month's field trip is the beginning of our social justice unit. In Core Knowledge we will be looking at social activism and how and why people are motivated to make change in their communities.

Our group will step into eight places Medical Teams International’s staff and volunteers serve with international partners:
 A portrayal of the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (“Yolanda”) in the Philippines;
 A room with a 25-foot tsunami wave;
 A Ugandan camp for refugees from neighboring countries;
 A Haitian earthquake site and a tent camp where homeless Haitians are living;
 A Cambodian village where mothers and children struggle to survive and thrive;
 A Mexican garbage dump;
 A Guatemalan community where children die from preventable illnesses;
 A Mobile Dental unit where children and adults in our local communities receive care.

It provides them to see the reality for children and adults outside of their everyday life.

In the afternoon we will go to the Oregon Food Bank to help pack food boxes for those in need. This will allow them to see one of many ways to begin making a difference.

Time: 8:00 - 4:00 *NOTE THE LATE RETURN TIME*
Uniform: Regular uniform
What to Bring: Lunch, jacket, and writing utensils

Planner Signatures

Image result for congratulations
Monday marked one of many milestones between now and high school for 8th graders. Students who have consistently demonstrated their ability to manage their materials and homework were given the opportunity to practice doing the same without adult supervision. These students received a slip to place in their planner that allows them to not get their planner signed by teachers or parents. 
If at any point they have missing homework, this privilege will be rescinded. 

Students who are not quiet ready at this point will have another chance after Spring Break. 

Reminder About Missing Homework Policy

Missing Homework Policy

Students who do not turn in homework on time face a variety of escalating consequences.

1. If work is missing on the day it is due, students will stay in during lunch recess to complete it. If they finish it before recess is over, they are welcome to join their peers.

2. If students miss 3 or more assignments in one week OR missing work from earlier in the week is not completed by Thursday afternoon, students will attend Friday school. Friday school begins at 8:00 and ends when students complete all missing work OR at 3:30. Failure to attend an assigned Friday school without making arrangements with the teacher will result in an in school suspension until the work is completed.

3. Students that have missing work as of 3:30 on the Thursday before a field trip day will not attend the field trip. They will instead work in the office to catch up.

Homework includes regular classroom work, special projects, music practice, and World Language. 

American Bandstand Project

Please mark your calendar and join us for our next curriculum showcase!

On February 22nd we will be holding a celebration of life in the 50's. The fun begins at 12:30 PM, so break out your poodle skirts and your dancing shoes.

Students will demonstrate understanding of the evolution of music and the birth of rock n roll.
Students will demonstrate understanding of dance techniques from different eras.
Students will demonstrate understanding of the influence of the TV on commercialism.
Students will understand the importance and influence of automobiles on the expanding suburban culture.
Students will demonstrate understanding historical events and their influence on modern events.

As well as content, students will be working on team work, problem solving, and research and planning skills.

Students will have 3 weeks to work with their small groups. Very little time will need to be spent outside of class on these projects. It is quite possible that the only thing they will need to work outside of class on is costuming.

1. A 50's dance - Students are working with Mr. Weaver
2. Perform a hit single from the 50's. - Students will be working in small groups in class
2. A live newscast featuring the top 3 news story from their assigned year - Students will be working in their small group. Class time will be used for researching, writing, and rehearsing.
3. A live commercial featuring a product popular at the time. - Class time will be used for researching, writing, and rehearsing.
4. Build a 1/2 scale car from the 50's. - Students will build a replica car, supplies and class time will be provided.
5. Costumes are highly encouraged. We will be reviewing attire appropriate to the era. Poodle skirts are easy and inexpensive to make!
6. Write and perform a 50's style TV Show. - Small groups were assigned either a sitcom, game show, or western. This will be written and rehearsed in class. 

Family and friends are not only welcome, but encouraged to join us. Break out your poodle skirts, letterman sweaters, and rolled up jeans.