Thursday, February 1, 2018

Reminder About Missing Homework Policy

Missing Homework Policy

Students who do not turn in homework on time face a variety of escalating consequences.

1. If work is missing on the day it is due, students will stay in during lunch recess to complete it. If they finish it before recess is over, they are welcome to join their peers.

2. If students miss 3 or more assignments in one week OR missing work from earlier in the week is not completed by Thursday afternoon, students will attend Friday school. Friday school begins at 8:00 and ends when students complete all missing work OR at 3:30. Failure to attend an assigned Friday school without making arrangements with the teacher will result in an in school suspension until the work is completed.

3. Students that have missing work as of 3:30 on the Thursday before a field trip day will not attend the field trip. They will instead work in the office to catch up.

Homework includes regular classroom work, special projects, music practice, and World Language. 

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