Wednesday, March 14, 2018

NON: Resources

On Friday we will be discussing the type of resources available and how to find each one. Our trip to the library should take care of the books and magazine articles if they have a library card. If not, they will need to go to the library this weekend and get books.

 Below is a list of recommended resources:

1 - Autobiography
1 - Biography
1 - Children's Biography (A children's biography gives the student a quick and dirty feel for their person. It is easy to get through and lets them paint the big picture before diving into meatier books.)
1 - Video - Videos are another way to get a feel for the big picture and to get a visual feel for the person.
1 - Magazine Article
3  - Websites
1 - Interview

Other places we talked about are social media, papers written by the person, and  newspaper articles. The wider the variety of sources the more interesting the information will be and the easier it is to fact check. If you're getting the same information from 4 different source types, you're likely on the right track.

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