Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Smarter Balanced Testing

It's Smarter Balanced Test Time!

8th grade takes three tests, Language Arts, Math, and Science.  All three tests  will be the Tuesday and Wednesday after Night of the Notables.All three tests are computerized which means we will work on the Chrome Books in our room. Results typically take several months and you should look for results in the fall via US mail.

Here are a few ideas for helping students perform to the best of their ability.

• Make sure your children have eaten well on test days. Studies suggest that good nutrition is related to improved attention and concentration.
• Help your children by encouraging a good night’s rest before exams. Children who are tired will have difficulty focusing on their work.
• Make the morning of test days pleasant. Stress will impair your children’s ability to perform their best.
• Remind your children to dress in their most comfortable uniform, perhaps in layers, so that they are able to adjust to the temperature in the room.
• Ensure that your children make it to school on-time so that they do not miss any instructions and are allowed ample time to settle in and relax before the test begins.
• Don’t schedule dental or doctor appointments for testing days.
• Don’t be too anxious about your children’s test scores. Although it is important to let them know that the tests should be taken seriously, it is also important not to increase test-taking anxiety.

If you have any questions about SBAC, please let me know!

NON and Wax Museum

Good afternoon middle school families, 

NON Schedule
Night of the Notables and the 4th Grade Oregon History Wax Museum are coming up quickly. (May 10, 2018) This very special night (May 10, 2018) is one of the highlights of middle school and is a chance for your friends and family to see the amazing work done. Please mark your calendar (May 10, 2018) and clear your schedules! The night is not optional for students, as it is the presentation portion of their project and students are excited to share their hard work with you.
This year NON and the Wax Museum are being held at Cascade Heights, so be sure to get here early for parking! Everyone should enter through the front doors unless they need handicap access. 


5:30 - 4th graders arrive in costume and set up for the Oregon History Wax Museum

 5:45 - Wax Museum opens - All visitors are encouraged to visit the Wax Museum

 6:00 - Middle School students must arrive at 6:00 p.m. The doors will open for guests at 6:30 p.m. You may be thinking, "What am I going to do for 30 minutes while my student is getting ready?" Well, I have a great opportunity for you! Ms. Cantin's fourth graders will be entertaining you. They have been studying Oregon history and will have their wax museum set up. While you're waiting, visit each of the wax figures and push their button to hear their recordings.

 6:30 - Wax Museum closes. 4th graders are encouraged to attend the Night of the Notables portion of the evening.

 6:30 - At 6:30 the doors will open and you will be invited to start questioning the notable characters. Each character will be wearing a number and your job is to match that number to the list of characters provided. Remember, you only get three questions per character and you can only ask yes/no questions. If you'd like to do some research ahead of time, the list of characters is below! At 7:15 the notable characters will set up their display boards and you'll have the chance to match your answers to the real answers. How many do you think you can identify correctly? Students will be ready to leave WITH their display boards at 7:45. 

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Aaron Burr
Abigail Adams
Abner Doubleday
Alfonce Muha
Alice Paul
Annie Oakley
Antono Brown
Audrey Hepburn
Bautama Buddha
Beatrix Potter
Bessie Coleman
Billy the Kid
Booker T Washington
Carrie Fisher
Catherine the Great
Charlie Parker
Charlotte Bronte
Debra Sampson
Demi Lovato
Desmond Doss
Diane Nash
Douglas Adams
Elsa Shiaparelli
Emma Watson
Flora Tristan
Fred Astaire
Freddie Mercury
Halle Berry
Harper Lee
Henry Ford
Jackie Robinson
Jahanara Begum
James Naismith
Jane Marcet
Jesse Owens
Joe Louis
Johann GutsMuths
John Trudell
Judy Heumann
Julius Caesar
Leonardo DiCaprio
Levi Strauss
Louis Vuitton
Malala Yousafez
Margaret Sanger
Maria Mitchell
Mark Hammil
Mary Pickford
Mata Hari
Max Born
Michio Kaku
Milton Hershey
Nikola Tesla
Nina Simone
Patrick Stewart
Peter Dinkler
PT Barnum
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Liliuokalani
Rebecca Crumpler
Rosa Bonheur
Sally Ride
Shaquille ONeal
Simo Hayha
Sir Elton John
Sonora Carver
Victoria Woodhill
Vincent VanGogh
Walter Camp
Wernher Von Braun

Final Project of the Year

Civil Rights/Social Activism Final Project

In history we are in the midst of our unit on civil rights and social activism. Over the next few weeks students will use the historical knowledge they have learned to attack a current civil rights or social justice issue of their choice. Students have multiple options for presenting their ideas. They may create a children's book complete with illustrations, write and deliver a speech, film a documentary, paint a mural, create a website, write several songs and produce an album, or create a zine. If nothing of these speak to them, they may propose an alternative project. These projects will be due on May 23rd, giving them plenty of time to work on it. 

On May 23rd, we will hold a day long Teach In. Students will have 10 - 15 to present their project and speak their hearts. I look forward to seeing what each student is passionate about. I expect it to take in the range of 10 - 12 hours spread out over the next month to complete this assignment. We will not have any at home writing assignments during this month in order to ensure they have time to work on it.

Students must identify their social justice issue by Monday and identify their method of presentation by next Wednesday.

Night of the Notables Artifact

Night of the Notables is going extremely well. This week students are typing up their first drafts and are realizing just how much information they have. 

Next week they will be editing these and hitting print. Only a few more things to go. 

The middle school teachers met today to go over upcoming NoN activities and dates. We hope that everyone is feeling good about the project and excited for our Night of the Notables on May 10th
We are extending the deadline for artifacts to May 7th. Each teacher will go over the specifics of these creations in class this week, and students should begin thinking about an object that they can make to represent and extend understanding of their character. We will also be hosting an after school workshop on Tuesday, May 1st, for anyone who would like to complete their artifact at school. The workshop will be from 3:45-4:45. Students need to bring the supplies they need to make their project (minus any basic classroom supplies, like colored paper, etc that we have on hand.)

Friday, April 20, 2018

Scavenger Hunt Photos

As the students start sending pictures, I'll post them here so you can follow along on their journey.

And They're Off!

All groups are on their way! Below is the list they are hunting for. 

Portland Scavenger Hunt

In any order, complete as many of the following tasks as you can and still be back at school no later than 3:30 p.m. Remember, you are representing our school and yourselves.

  • 75 pts. Find Mrs. Adams. She is downtown enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and looking for new books to buy.
  • 50 pts. Make your way to a DMV office. Get the forms necessary to apply for a learners permit.
  • 50 pts. Get hard copies of admission paperwork from a college or university
  • 50 pts. Pick up a voter registration card.
  • 50 pts. Use a payphone to check in with Mrs. Adams. (971-269-9045)
  • 50 pts. Buy lunch. It may cost you no more than $7.00 per person and must contain two servings of vegetables. Put your receipts in your log.
  • 40 pts. Inquire about a job. Fill out the application and bring it back with you.
  • 40 pts. Get brochures and an application for opening a bank account.
  • 40 pts. Take a picture with a street performer.
  • 30 pts. Find out what time the next flight to Alaska leaves, take a picture in front of the departure screen.
  • 30 pts. Take a rubbing or photo of Pi underground. It is located in the only underground MAX station in Portland.
  • 30 pts. Take a picture in front of a memorial. Write down in your log what the memorial is for.
  • 25 pts. Make your way to the Ira Keller fountain. Create an epic album cover. Have your chaperone take the picture.
  • 25 pts. Make your way to a sporting arena. Take a picture outside the main gates.
  • 25 pts. Make your way to a place that would increase knowledge. Take a picture.
  • 25 pts. Play at least two moves in a game of chess in Pioneer Courthouse Square.
  • 25 pts. Find out how much it takes to ride the Portland Spirit. Bring back a brochure.
  • 20 pts. Figure out how far it is from Mt. Hood to the Great Wall of China. Take a picture with the direction sign in Pioneer Courthouse Square.
  • 10 pts. Get a photo taken of your team at a sculpture more than 5 feet tall. Write down in your log the name of the sculpture and the artist.
  • 10 pts. Get a picture with a person performing live
  • 10 pts. Capture the view of the mountain from Washington Park. Draw it in your journal.
  • 10 pts. Take a picture of art found in a bus shelter.
  • 10 pts. Take a picture of art found at a MAX stop.
  • 5 pts. Ride an escalator, get photo proof.
  • 5 pts. Play in a fountain. Take a picture.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Ashland Schedule

Monday, May 28th, 2018
8:00 - Arrive at school in casual clothing
9:00 - Load bus
11:00- Arrive at Dexter Lake

·                     BBQ lunch, swimming, disc golf, shenanigans

1:00 - Load bus and depart for Ashland

4:30 - Arrive in dorm

·                     get assigned dorms, set up, learn dorm rules, change in to business casual clothes
5:30 - Dinner in the dining hall
6:30 - Attend workshops at Southern Oregon University

·                     YE OLDE PROJECT RUNWAY - Learn about Elizabethan and Renaissance silhouettes and costumes, then create them from newspaper and tape. Students will work together in small groups, with one student from each group acting as Merry Olde’s next top model.
    A certified stage combatant leads you safely through some of the steps and skills of hand-to-hand stage combat. 

·         RENAISSANCE DANCE - An expert dancer shares his/her knowledge of court and country dances of the Renaissance through lessons in cinquepaces, bergomasks, galliards and other dances.

9:30 - Class meeting in the dorms
10:00 - Showers and bedtime
11:00 - Lights out

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018
7:30  Up and dressed in business casual
8:00 - Breakfast in the dining hall
10:15 - Load bus 
10:30 - Workshop at Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Exploring Design - What inspires the designs for this season’s productions? What factors influence the designers’ choices? These questions and more are answered in a one-hour exploration of the creative process. Students discover how the words of a script are turned into a production on stage by investigating the text, visual research, drawings and photos from previous productions.

11:30 - Load bus
11:45 - Lunch in the dining hall
1:15 - Load bus
1:30 - Attend Othello
In Shakespeare’s most intimate tragedy, director Bill Rauch explores racism, religious bias, xenophobia, and the more disturbing aspects of relationships in the context of our society’s ongoing struggle with polarizing differences. Consumed by their bigotry, those who praised the Moorish general Othello’s military successes now reject his marriage to Desdemona. The newlyweds are determined to overcome all obstacles, but Othello’s assignment in an exotic new location draws them into the web of his lieutenant Iago, whose resentment and demons know no bounds. A powerful cast of twelve actors includes Chris Butler (Othello), Alejandra Escalante (Desdemona), Danforth Comins (Iago) and Amy Kim Waschke (Emilia).

4:00 - Load bus
5:00 - Dinner in the dining hall
5:45 - Showers and dressed in formal attire
6:50-Load bus
7:00 - Attend Manahatta Prologue
8:00 - Attend Manahatta

In this timely world-premiere drama by celebrated playwright, activist and attorney Mary Kathryn Nagle, past and present intertwine. Nagle’s story illuminates the tragic consequences of commercial exploits, including the removal of Native American people and the attempted eradication of their culture, that gave rise to the America we know today. Securities trader Jane Snake is torn between worlds. Her return to Wall Street in 2008 brings her to Manahatta (“island of many hills” in Lenape), the homeland her Native American ancestors were violently forced to leave in the 1600s. Meanwhile, her family in Oklahoma struggles to save their language, their culture and their over-mortgaged home. Jane Snake’s return to Manahatta defiantly demonstrates that the Lenape are still here. Directed by Laurie Woolery (The River Bride).

10:50 – Load Bus

 11:00 - Showers and bed

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

7:30 - Wake up, pack, dressed in business casual 
8:00 - Breakfast in dining hall
9:00 - Load bus
9:15 - Workshop
Two hours of on-your-feet exercises led by two company members, designed to explore themes, characters and language of the plays

11:30 - Load bus
11:40 - Lunch in the dining hall
12:15 - Load bus
12:30 – Attend Prolouge
1:30 – Attend Sense and Sensibility
This lively adaptation of Jane Austen’s sparkling romance is full of comedic surprises and deliciously wicked social commentary, with the daring premise that true love unites both hearts and minds—and that women should be seen, heard and valued. Life takes a sudden turn when Mrs. Dashwood (Kate Mulligan) and her three daughters lose their home, thrown out by their selfish half-brother. With no money to speak of, the marriage prospects for the sisters are bleak. When love—or what looks like it—comes calling for Elinor (Nancy Rodriguez) and Marianne (Emily Ota), they are whirled into a tangle of gossip, scandal and unexpected fortune. This joyous adaptation by Kate Hamill is passionately directed by Hana S. Sharif, wedding their artistic sensibilities with an ardent love of Jane Austen.

3:00 - Load bus
5:30 - Stop in Springfield for dinner at Coburg Pizza Company
6:30 - Load bus
9:00 - Arrive at CHPCS

April Field Trips

We have two field trips this month, one of the 10th and one on the 20th.

April 10th - Oregon Historical Society
Dress Code: Regular Uniform
Time: 11:45 - 2:00 

Lunch: We will eat at school before we leave. 

Chaperones: NONE! I need at least 2, so if you are available, please let me know right away. 

April 20 - Life Skills Scavenger Hunt

Dress Code: Business Casual. This means slacks, knee length or longer skirts, polo shirt, blouse, or button up shirt. Walking shoes are encouraged. Jacket is a must. No sweats, jeans, sweatshirts, or t shirts. Students that show up to school in attire that does not meet this requirement will stay at school. 

Lunch: Everyone will need $7.00 for lunch.

Cell Phone/Camera: Yes

Chaperones: Mr. Cooper, Mrs. Erbe, Mrs. Campbell, Mr. Erbe
Times: 8:30 - 3:30 (Be prepared to be late returning)

We need at least 2 more chaperones for the 20th. Please take a moment to look at your schedule and see if you can join us for that day. 

 The parent chaperones need to have extreme self control because this particular trip will be challenging, both for the students and for the parent. 

Student teams will start at school where they will be given their first clue in the Amazing Race. Teams of three - four (and one adult) will be making their way around the city using only public transportation. Along the way they will need to complete tasks, find information, and work together while attempting to be the first team back to school. 

If you are adventurous, willing to stand back and watch the students figure things out while ensuring safety, and are available on the 20th, please let me know right away! 

It's going to be great fun and one huge learning experience. 

This much fun can't be educational right? Wrong! Students will learn/practice: 
1. Using public transportation (MAX, bus, and street car)
2. Self reliance
3. Using maps
4. Reading charts and tables
5. Teamwork
6. Budgeting
7. Reading labels
8. Problem solving
9. Effective search terms
10. Questioning techniques

Ashland Contract

Before Spring Break, we worked together as a class to create guidelines for earning the trip to Ashland. Below you will find the details. Each person has a copy of these requirements and a tracking sheet to keep track of their individual points.

Ashland Contract
In Class Participation:
Homeroom – 1 point per day – Participating in class discussions, taking notes completely, timely completion
Music – 1 point per day -  Have both instrument and book, play 90% of the time
Art – 1 point per day - Using appropriate voice, four on the floor, 90% on task behavior, respectful use of materials
PE – 1 point per day - 100% participation, meaning following the giving directions, being where you’re supposed to be
World Language – 1 point per day - Have supplies, be looking at the teacher and attempting to answer questions in the given language, return homework

Homework: All homework in, complete and to the expectation, at 8:00
Field Trip: 5 point – Attend, being on task, give 90% effort
Behavior: 1 point per day – Above blue
Spring Concert: 5 points – show up, in uniform, play
NON: 5 points – show up, in costume, participate

Bonus Points: Up to be 5 points can be earned for service to school. Each point would require 30 minutes of service and should be prearranged with Mrs. Adams or Mrs. Macy

In order to attend, students must earn 75% of all possible points.