Monday, April 2, 2018

Ashland Contract

Before Spring Break, we worked together as a class to create guidelines for earning the trip to Ashland. Below you will find the details. Each person has a copy of these requirements and a tracking sheet to keep track of their individual points.

Ashland Contract
In Class Participation:
Homeroom – 1 point per day – Participating in class discussions, taking notes completely, timely completion
Music – 1 point per day -  Have both instrument and book, play 90% of the time
Art – 1 point per day - Using appropriate voice, four on the floor, 90% on task behavior, respectful use of materials
PE – 1 point per day - 100% participation, meaning following the giving directions, being where you’re supposed to be
World Language – 1 point per day - Have supplies, be looking at the teacher and attempting to answer questions in the given language, return homework

Homework: All homework in, complete and to the expectation, at 8:00
Field Trip: 5 point – Attend, being on task, give 90% effort
Behavior: 1 point per day – Above blue
Spring Concert: 5 points – show up, in uniform, play
NON: 5 points – show up, in costume, participate

Bonus Points: Up to be 5 points can be earned for service to school. Each point would require 30 minutes of service and should be prearranged with Mrs. Adams or Mrs. Macy

In order to attend, students must earn 75% of all possible points.

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