Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Field Trip Chaperoning Sign Ups

Field trips are often the highlight of the school year for many families. 8th grade has some incredible trips lined up that will broaden horizons, connect to our curriculum, and spark conversations at home.

Parent chaperones are essential for the safety of our students. Most chaperones find the trips to be as educational for them as they are for the students! When signing up to chaperone, please take into consideration the following things:

1. I will not place your own student in your group. Students participate more fully and take bigger risks when they are not with mom or dad.

2. I expect all volunteers to fully participate in our activities. This means being out on the ice for curling, rowing the dragon boats, eating with chopsticks, etc. If you are unsure of the requirements for a trip, I'm happy to answer questions.

3. I need all parents to arrive and depart on the bus with it. Our main duty is to help ensure safety. This includes on the bus.

Taking that all in to consideration, I do hope you'll join us for one more more trips this year! Follow the following link to sign up:

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