Thursday, September 13, 2018

Week 1 Summary

We've successfully completed the first full week of 8th grade. I couldn't be more impressed with how focused and hard working this group is. 

As I said at Back To School Night, this is the year to build systems of communication that center around your young adult. For a while, I will provide some starter questions for you. After  you've talked with them, if you still have questions, feel free to email me! 

Math - What kind of problems did you find yourself needed to correct this week? What lesson are you on and when will your first test be? 

Writing - What was the article about that you read? What thoughts did it prompt? How did you handle the shorter deadline? What are your plans for the next one? 

History - What are the PALS? What were some examples of effective monarchs? Which monarch were you and were they an example of a good monarch or a poor monarch? 

Science - What lab did you last Thursday? Tell me about your robotics plan. What is the goal and how is your team approaching it? 

Health - Tell me about analyzing influences? How do you see the things discussed influencing you? (Bonus points for sharing with your student the things that influence your decisions in life)

Vocab - How did your daily tests go? What is your plan to continue doing amazing work?

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