Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Study Tool

We have been discussing in class the idea that just taking notes sometimes isn't enough and working through different techniques for studying material until you actually remember and understand it.

One possibility that many of my students have enjoyed is www.studystack.com .

It allows students to find cards others have made, or make their own and then use them in a variety of ways. Give it a try!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Social Development of 8th Graders

Good Evening 8th Grade Families, 

8th grade is a year of change. Students are not only making academic gains but also looking ahead to who they want to be as human beings. This is an exciting process which at times can be uncomfortable for them and for you as parents. 

Personal development during this time takes many avenues. For some this means exploring friendships and what it means to be a friend. People who have been friends for years may find themselves drifting apart as interests develop and change while those who have not spent much time together may suddenly find themselves sharing new interests and thus more time together. In class my expectation is that all students welcome everyone and work with others  respectfully. This particular group of young adults has done that on a daily basis. I have touched bases with the other teachers and they assure me that they are open and welcoming with each other. They keep an eye out for classmates who are hurting, alone, or in need. When placed in groups they welcome their partners and work effectively with them. This does not mean they never get frustrated with each other, but it means they deal with it appropriately and don't hold grudges. As students are exploring new friendships there will be times that individuals invite one or more others to spend time together outside of school. As parents we may question their choices. That is a great time to ask questions which may help students to think through their choices, but in the end, it is time to let them see what comes of their decisions. 

Another outlet for social development is social media. Some students are using 10 - 12 apps or forms of technology on a daily basis. These can be powerful tools that put all of the knowledge of the world at their fingertips. It can also allow them to communicate with each other at all times of the day and night. In 8th grade these communications can be silly, funny, educational, friendly, and appropriate. They also can be the converse. Now is a great time to have honest conversations about what type of communications your family considers appropriate. What are appropriate hours? What are appropriate topics? What should they do if they are being appropriate but someone they are talking to isn't? Taking time to talk these things through when it isn't a problem allows your teen to react appropriately when they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. These topics will be addressed again in health later in the year, but there is no reason to wait until then. 

This is an exciting time in your family's life. It is emotional, exciting, scary, and joyous. The entire staff of Cascade Heights is here to walk this journey with you, through the ups and downs. Conferences are coming up in two weeks and is the perfect opportunity to discuss your hopes, dreams, and concerns. 

History Update

In history we have been working on our civics unit. So far we have covered why governments exist, types of governments, foundations of our our government, and are now digging deeper into the nitty gritty of our current system. 

As we approach the end of the unit, students should be working on reviewing their notes, memorizing the amendments of the constitution and be able to discuss situations in which each applies, explain the articles of the Constitution, and identify the role of each branch of the government. 

Additional Field Trip!

Image result for aerial arts

Last week I received confirmation for another field trip. I'm very excited about this one as it is brand new to us and I think will be both fun and quite educational.

Where: Echo Aerial Arts Theater
When: November 27th
Time: 12:00 - 2:30 PM
Uniform: Comfortable athletic attire

That's right, we'll be working with the trainers at Echo Aerial Arts Theater to learn how aerialists use physics in the performing arts. Students will get to try out trapeze, silks, aerial hoops, and more under the watchful eye of experienced trainers. 

I will need at least two more chaperones. If you are available, please let me know! 

School Pictures are Available

Apple of My Eye Photography has our school pictures ready for you to view and order!

Galleries will be open for TWO weeks and close on Friday, November 2nd,  so please be sure to place your order by then. 

Every child has their own password protected photo gallery.  Here’s how to access and order your child’s photos.

1.  Click the link 
to access CHPCS's gallery page: 

.  Enter your child's password* into the search box. 
*The password is your child’s birthday in the two digit MMDDYY format followed by the first initial of their first name.
For example: if your daughter's name is Ava Smith and her birthday is February 13, 2008, her password would be 021308A

.  When the correct password is entered, the gallery of images will appear for you to view and place your order. 

For any questions, please contact help@aomephotography.com

Monday, October 15, 2018

8th Grade Running Booths at Harvest Festival

This Thursday is the annual harvest festival. 8th graders will be running booths, so they should arrive at 5:50 and will be ready to go by 7:10. They do not need to wear  uniforms. 

Harvest Festival This Thursday

13th Annual CHPCS
Harvest Festival
October 18, 2018

Join the CHPCS community for a fun filled evening of free family frivolity.

The Harvest Festival is a chance for CHPCS families and friends to get together and celebrate the turning of the season with music, games, and a baking contest. Hayrides, pumpkin ring toss, face painting, tug o war, and needle in a haystack will keep the young and old entertained for hours. The fun begins at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 7:00 p.m.

Are you a baker? Are you the keeper of the family’s apple pie recipe? Now’s the time to put on your chef hat, dust off your apron, and whip up your favorite apple or pumpkin themed recipe!  The baking contest is open to all adult/child pairs. Baking with children is not only fun, but also is great math practice and provides one on one time that encourages open communication. All baking entries are due on October 18th no later than 3:30 p.m. for judging. After ribbons are awarded, the baked goods will be sold at the Harvest Festival for $1.00 a piece. To enter, fill out the form below and attach it to the BOTTOM of your entry!

Student Name: _________________________________Grade: ______
Adult Partner: ______________________________________________

Entry Type: (Circle one)      Pumpkin    or  Apple   or   Dietary Restrictions

Recipe Title: ________________________________________________

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fall Concert Information

From Mrs. Pridey:
Good Morning Upper Grade Families,

The last month has been filled with lovely music making! I am enjoying teaching the Ukuleles to 5th graders and Band instruments to 6th, 7th and 8th graders. They are all growing and progressing well and I look forward to our first performance of the year. 
Please save the date of our fall performance:
Who: 5th-8th grade students and families
What: Fall Music Concert
When: Thursday November 15th at 6:30pm (Matinee performance at 1pm)
Where: Cascade Heights Public Charter School Gym

Clothing Attire: Please note the change in concert attire for this school year. Your child may wear their proper Cascade Heights Uniform. They may also choose to wear one of the following:
   Black slacks with a black or white collared shirt
   Black knee length or longer skirt with a black or white collared shirt
   Black dress that is knee length or longer with short or long sleeves.

As a reminder: The performance at 1pm during school hours is expected to be in uniform attire. Only the evening performance may be different.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Performance attendance is expected and appreciated.

Thank You! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Why Support the Jog A Thon

The Jog a Thon is the biggest fundraiser for the PTA. Why should you support it?

The teacher stipend is paid for directly from Jog A Thon funds. This stipend is what we use to buy hands on materials.

So far this school year that has included:

knot tying materials
exacto knives for kirigami
sewing project materials
matchbox cars for science labs
marshmallows for science labs
milk, ice, rock salt, and ziplocs for a science lab
aluminum foil and weights for a science lab

These are the things that help students see and understand what we're doing in a way they can't when they only read the material.

Thank you for your support!


We are less than one week away from our 12th Annual Jog-a-Thon! It is  Thursday, October 12th!

Last year we allowed the students to wear appropriate athletic attire the entire day. We understand that it can be difficult for anyone to jog for 30 minutes in our school uniforms. So, we have decided to allow our students to wear appropriate athletic attire on the day of the jog-a-thon again! They do not have to bring a uniform to change into after they complete the jog-a-thonThey get to wear their athletic attire all day! 

Here are some appropriate athletic attire items:
- t-shirt (no inappropriate logos, field trip t-shirts are great!)
- basketball shorts
- running shorts (please wear running tights, spandex shorts, or leggings under short running shorts)
- athletic shirts (no spaghetti straps)
- tennis shoes
- soccer cleats (to be worn only when jogging in the jog-a-thon)

The uniform closet is available for student who are unable to follow the appropriate athletic attire. 

Here are the times each grade will be participating. You are welcome to come volunteer and cheer on your children when they are jogging!

K - 2nd: 9:00 - 9:30

3rd - 5th: 10:00 - 10:30

6th - 8th: 11:00 - 11:30

Other reminders:
- Hats cannot be worn in the school
- Umbrellas cannot be used while jogging
- It may be raining, so dress accordingly
Pledge sheets are due on Monday, October 8th

This is a great event and we all have so much fun. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here at CHPCS!

Volunteer Clearances

8th grade parents, please please please please get your background checks done now so you can volunteer on field trips, in the classroom, etc. 

Volunteer background checks are now an online process

Please complete the online application and submit.  Once you have been cleared North Clackamas (NC12) you will be entered into HelpCounter. This process will take about a week once you have submitted your application. I highly recommend you submit your application more than a week prior to a field trip day. Please come into the office to check the visitor/volunteer computer to see if your name has been entered. You must be cleared in order to attend/volunteer a field trip or volunteer in a classroom. 

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Marlatt d.marlatt@chpcs.org or 503.653.1850 x2

September Field Trip Pictures

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Friday Field Trip Update

Due to predicted high winds and choppy water, our dragon boat portion of the trip has been cancelled. We will be coming back to school after lunch and doing three cultural activities on site.

I've put in a request to reschedule for another date!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Applebee's Fundraiser Date Chosen!

Please save the date! 

Mile Run Attire on Thursday

Good Morning 5th - 8th Grade Families, 

This week in PE we have been fitness testing. Doing it this early in the year allows us to see the growth in each and every student. It is always a joy to see the students faces when they get their score sheets back at the end of the year and they can actually see how they improved. 

This Thursday, October 4th, is our first mile run. Every student in 5th - 8th grade will be running the mile during PE time. A couple of years ago we decided to allow our students to change into some athletic gear for the mile. We also decided to allow them to bring some music that they can listen to while they ran. Since we started this, the times for each grade have drastically improved.

Here is what the student can wear for the mile:

- Athletic pants
- Athletic shorts (basketball and running shorts are fine)
- Athletic shirt or T-shirt (must have sleeves, no tank tops)

Each teacher will give them time to change before they come to the gym and then I will give them time to change back before they go to class. If they choose to bring music, it can only come out during the mile run. I have spoken to each class about this. If they use their phones for music, please have them tape up the camera. We have had issues with that in the past.

Please let me know if you have any questions, 

Mr. Weaver 

October Lunch Menu

Monday, October 1, 2018

T Shirt Design Winners

After we watched all of the videos and reviewed the designs, the class voted on a front design and a back design. 

The winners are: 
By Jehan


By Avery

Friday Field Trip Information

Friday we will be immersing ourselves in physics and Chinese Culture. 

We're very excited to experience some of the traditions and culture of China, which relates directly to our current literature book. It is going to be a full day of outdoor fun. 

When: October 5th, 2018
Time:  EARLY school day. Students should arrive at 7:30 AM. 

Uniform: Regular uniform with short sleeves.***2*** sweatshirts or jackets. The idea set up would be a warm vest and then a long sleeve jacket or sweatshirt to put on after dragon boating. If they wear long sleeves in the boat, they will end up cold and wet. Also, pants should not be tight, as they will need to sit low in the boat and be able to participate in curling. 

About Evergreen Curling:
"Curling first came to the Portland, OR area in the winter of 1847 when the HMS Modeste, an 18 gun British warship, spent a few months frozen in on the Columbia river near Ft. Vancouver. Four officers from the Modeste bested four locals from the Hudson Bay company in a 3 game series on the frozen river on January 26, 1847. They used locally found stones and a makeshift rink only 22 yards in length. During the after-match partying they cordially instituted the Vancouver Curling Club, the fate of which remains a mystery today.
More than 110 years later, in September of 1962, Harold Mahnke, a retired school teacher from Superior, WI, re-introduced the ancient sport to Portland by holding a series of curling exhibition matches at Lloyd Center Ice Rink near downtown Portland. Mahnke then established the Portland Curling Club which hosted games on rented ice at the Silver Skate Ice Rink in Portland for 20 years until the demise of Silver Skate in 1983.
In January 2013, Evergreen CC took another step by opening Oregon's first dedicated curling facility. The three sheet facility is located in a rented warehouse in Beaverton, OR. Evergreen CC provides a variety of programs during curling season including nightly leagues, learn-to-curl classes, corporate events, a junior instruction program, skill clinics, bonspiels, competitive playdowns and private parties. The facility includes a warm room with bar, and state-of-the-art video monitoring with live streaming and commentary to the Internet during competition." -www.evergreencurling.com
 Students will wear their regular school uniform (pants only) and must bring a warm jacket. Curling is played on ice, which means the room is below freezing! Everyone, parents included, should bring a warm jacket and gloves. 

Schedule: (Subject to change)
7:30- Dragon boating instruction in class
8:00 - Load bus
9:00 - 11:00 - Curling at Evergreen Curling
11:45 - 1:00 - Lunch - No forks allowed! (Even for chaperones)
1:00 - Dragon boating 
2:00 - Load bus
2:30 - Thank you notes, wrap up, etc

Mr. Harkins
Mrs. Harkins
Mrs. Silva
Mrs. Marks
Ms. Stores

Thursday Field Trip Information

This Thursday we have the honor of being chosen to participate in the Classroom Law Project Courthouse Tour.

"Your students will see the law come alive during a CLP Courthouse Tour! Your day begins in one of the lovely courtrooms at the historic Gus Solomon Federal Courthouse, where your guide will orient you on what to expect from the tour. You will then watch hearings, trials, and other courtroom drama at both the Justice Center and the Multnomah County Circuit Court.Nothing can come close to the real-life interactions students will observe between judges, attorneys, and their clients in these courthouses. The Courthouse Tour will provide you and your students with topics to discuss long after this exciting field trip to downtown Portland."

Time: 8:00 - 12:30
Uniform: Dressy regular uniform
Lunch: We will not be back in time for hot lunch. Please pack a lunch from home. 

Mrs. Maguire
Mrs. Bader
Mrs. Marks

Rex Putnam IB Program Open House