Thursday, November 29, 2018

Travel Abroad Celebration

This semester we've had the honor of working with Maddy Scott, who is a PSU student studying abroad in Japan. We corresponded via blog and learned about the every day life of people in Japan. Today, her mom and aunt came in for the final celebration. They brought manga books, Japanese movies, music, arts, and food. The chance to experience cultures that share this planet with us makes us better people. Thank you Maddy for sharing your experiences with us.

Spirit Week

It's Spirit Week! 
Students may wear items that match the theme of the day or their regular uniform. All choices must be school appropriate (no sex, drugs, alcohol, or weapons on anything) and students need to be able to participate in PE and recess. 

Monday - Image result for pajama day

Tuesday - Image result for college day

Wednesday - Image result for hero day

Thursday - Image result for 50's day

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Casserole Cooking Assignment

Tomorrow is our Casserole Potluck. Students were to identify a simple casserole recipe and cook it entirely on their own. We have been discussing this in class for two weeks. The details are below!

When: Thursday, November 29th, 2019
Who: All 8th Graders
What: a simple casserole, defined as any one dish meal that can be baked. Serving size should be about 6. Each person will be trying one - two bites of each one, so we don't need huge serving sizes!
How: Students are to choose a recipe, do all the prep, and share it.

Parents may assist by telling students what to do, but all actual work should be done by the student.

Please mark your crockpot and serving spoon with your name! Masking tape works really well. We want to make sure students get the correct crockpots and serving utensils home.

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Change of Ashland Date

Due to ticket availability, we have had to change our Ashland dates. Please mark your calendar for Friday, May 31st to Monday,  June 3rd. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Echo Theater Company Photos

This was an incredible trip and not only did we learn a lot, we had tons of fun.

More pictures to come as the rest of the chaperones send them to me!