Sunday, March 31, 2019

NON Deadlines

Keep this page at home for reference.


Where Completed
Due Date
N.O.N. contract due
At home
Notable person brainstorm due
At home
Business letter written
In class
Resources gathered
(3 books, 1 article, 1 interview minimum)
At home and on library field trip
Research skills taught/Note cards using KWO format introduced
In class
Week of 3/18
Note cards worked on
At home and in class
Interview conducted
At home
Timeline First Draft
In class
Key Word Outline using note cards
In class
Rough Draft
In class
Costume Brainstorm
In class
Editing of paper, peer, home and teacher
In class
Artifact Created
At home
Timeline Final draft
At home
Black and White Sketch
In Art class
Week of 5/6
Final draft of paper
At home
Presentation board completed
At home
Costume completed
At home
Participation in N.O.N. presentation
Cascade Heights

Monday, March 18, 2019

NON: Interview

Who do you interview?
a. Expert on your person.
                           i.     Someone who has spent a minimum of 2 years studying the person or topic
                           ii.     A relative of the person (not your relative)
                           iii.     A professor
                           iv.     A manager
                           v.     A coach
                           vi.     Museum curator
                           vii.     Author
                           viii.     Themselves
                            ix.     A publicist
2. How do you interview them?
a. In person
b. Skype/Hangouts/Facetime (video chat)
c.  Phone
3. When does this have to be done?
a. Monday, April 8th

·     Call or email 3 – 4 people tonight
·     Email is going to be a basic business letter – who you are, what you’re doing, and requesting an interview, deadline
·     When they write back set a date, time, and location.
o  If in person schedule in a public place (coffee shop, libraries, park)
o  Going to take a parent
·     Confirm with a follow up email 24 hours before
Video chat interviews can be set up at school if needed. 

The Interview
1. Arrive 15 minutes early
2. Bring paper, multiple writing utensils, and if possible a recording device.
3. Scope out a table and chairs.
4. When they arrive, stand, greet them with a handshake and introduce yourself and your parent.
5. Seat them across from you.
6. Ask if they comfortable with you recording them. If they say yes, start the recorder. If they say no, put it away.
7. Using your prewritten questions, talk to them.
a. Questions cannot be yes/no questions and should not be information you can find in a book.
b. Excellent questions are opinion questions that add to your understanding.
                                                 i.     What about XYZ inspired you to study their life?
                                              ii.     What do you think XYZ would feel about the current state of XYZ?

                                           iii.     How did XYZ’s work in the field of XYZ impact the future of XYZ? 
Parents are NOT to ask questions. They are present for safety only. 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Ashland Contract

It's that time! The final step to Ashland goes in to effect on the Monday following Spring Break. We discussed this in class yesterday so students understand exactly what participation means, etc.

Ashland Contract
In Class Participation:
Attendance - 1 point per day - Be in your seat, in uniform, on time
Homeroom – 1 point per day – Participating in class discussions, taking notes completely, timely completion of in class work
Music – 1 point per day -  Have both instrument and book, play 90% of the time
Art – 1 point per day - Using appropriate voice, four on the floor, 90% on task behavior, respectful use of materials
PE – 1 point per day - 100% participation, meaning following the giving directions, being where you’re supposed to be
World Language – 1 point per day - Have supplies, be looking at the teacher and attempting to answer questions in the given language, return homework

Homework: 1 point per day - All homework in, complete and to the expectation, at 8:00
Field Trip: 5 point – Attend, being on task, give 90% effort
Behavior: 1 point per day – Above blue
Spring Concert: 10 points – show up, in uniform, play
NON: 10 points – show up, in costume, participate

Bonus Points: Up to be 5 points can be earned for service to school. Each point would require 30 minutes of service and should be prearranged with Mrs. Adams or Mrs. Macy

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Upcoming Field Trips

We have many field trips coming up in the next month or so. Please see below for a run down on all of them.

1. March 15 - Medical Teams International
Uniform: Regular uniform (blue and white)
Lunch: Bring a lunch, no hot lunch available.
Chaperones: Mrs. Silva, Mrs. Marks, Mrs. Stores, Mrs. Mitchelldyer

2. April 19th - Downtown Scavenger Hunt
Uniform: Business casual attire. No jeans with holes, sweats, or t shirts. 
Lunch: Bring $7.00 for lunch. So far I have Mrs. Maguire, Mrs. Marks, Mrs. Stores, Mrs. Herndon, and Mrs. Mitchelldyer. I still need 2 more people. This trip involves 5 - 7 miles of walking. You will NOT be with your own child in order to allow them to get the full experience. 
3. April 23rd - Bonneville Lab
Uniform: Regular uniform
Lunch: Bring a lunch as we'll be leaving before regular lunch is served. 
Chaperones: NONE - Please volunteer

Ashland Packing List

Packing List! 
brush or comb
hair ties/bobby pins/other hairstyling accessories
hair dryer/curling iron
retainer/ washing stuff
rubber bands/wax/ other braces required stuff
face wash stuff
make up/chap stick
3 casual shirts
3 medium dressy shirts (Polo or similiar)
2 dressy shirt/dress/tie/suit jacket
3+ pairs of underwear
3 pairs of socks
3 pairs of casual pants
3 pairs semi dressy pants (slacks or school pants with no holes)
2 pair of dressy pants
dress socks/tights/nylons
shoes/dress shoes
sleeping bag
swim suit
towel x2
non electronic entertainment for the bus

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

NON Resources

On Wednesday we will be discussing the type of resources available and how to find each one. We will be using the library web sites to request holds on books at their local library. They will need to go this weekend and pick them up. In order to keep up to date and on top of things, they will need to have all of their resources in class on Monday. 
 Below is a list of recommended resources:

1 - Autobiography
1 - Biography
1 - Children's Biography (A children's biography gives the student a quick and dirty feel for their person. It is easy to get through and lets them paint the big picture before diving into meatier books.)
1 - Video - Videos are another way to get a feel for the big picture and to get a visual feel for the person.
1 - Magazine Article
3  - Websites
1 - Interview
1 - Podcast

Other places we talked about are social media, papers written by the person, and  newspaper articles. The wider the variety of sources the more interesting the information will be and the easier it is to fact check. If you're getting the same information from 4 different source types, you're likely on the right track.

March 15th Field Trip

This month's field trip is the beginning of our social justice unit. In Core Knowledge we will be looking at social activism and how and why people are motivated to make change in their communities.

Our group will step into eight places Medical Teams International’s staff and volunteers serve with international partners:
 A portrayal of the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (“Yolanda”) in the Philippines;
 A room with a 25-foot tsunami wave;
 A Ugandan camp for refugees from neighboring countries;
 A Haitian earthquake site and a tent camp where homeless Haitians are living;
 A Cambodian village where mothers and children struggle to survive and thrive;
 A Mexican garbage dump;
 A Guatemalan community where children die from preventable illnesses;
 A Mobile Dental unit where children and adults in our local communities receive care.

It provides them the opportunity to see the reality for children and adults outside of their everyday life.

We will return at lunch time. There will be no hot lunch, so everyone should bring a lunch.

After lunch we will be attending the 6th grade production of Julius Caesar.

School will get out at 3:30

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Band Homework


Good Afternoon 8th Grade Families,

Their homework for the week is to review exerts that we worked on in class.
Warm up with: 131, 139 and 140
Focus on: Raiders March, In a Garden with Koi and Baby Shark

Their goal and expectation is to practice a minimum 30 minutes total at 5 minutes a day. 

Submitting practice completed will be as followed:
1. Form picked up from me that is fully and specifically filled out. Length of time practiced, specific numbers worked on and specific days practiced. This form must be signed by a parent or guardian. 
2. Above information sent via email. If the student sends it, I need the parents to be cc'd to approve.
3. Above information written out on a blank paper and signed/returned to me.

Homework is to be completed and returned by Monday March 11th, 2019. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Importance of the NON Character Selection Page

The very first assignment for Night of the Notables is the character selection page. While it seems so simple, it is truly the most important step, as it sets you up for success. Let's take a closer look at each section. 

The top section shows you when your designated time period is and when your character selection page is due. Character selection is done on a first come first served based, so you'll want to make sure you know your due date. Also, choosing someone from the right time period will prevent delays. Our time period is post World War II. That means the highlight of the person's career was after World War II. 

This is the brainstorm section. Yes, it must be filled out completely. Often 8th graders come in to NON season with an idea of who they want to be, but we are asking you to take a wider look. There may be someone else out there that you will fall even more in love with. A simple Google search  of "notable scientists of the 20th century" will give you a list of people to start looking at. The idea is not to put the first name you see down. The idea is to read through a summary of a 4 or 5 and write down one that seems interesting. While we do not use Wikipedia as a reference on a research paper, it is perfect for this initial step. Fill in ALL the boxes. 

Section 3 is by far the most important, and the one most often skipped. Choose your top 3 people. Fill them in in the first column. Now, do the work to find out the answers to the rest. The second column asks if there are at least 3 books in the library about your person. To find out, go to and search using the person's name as the keyword. If you're in Clackamas County, go to and do the same. If there isn't three books between the two library systems, you need to choose a different person. You will not have enough information to write a quality paper and meet the requirements of NON. Next it asks you who you could interview. Don't just give a general answer "a history professor", actually look up the name of the person you're going to call. If you say "their manager", I'd better see the name of their manager. The magazine search is a simple Google search "magazine articles about XYZ". You may also use newspaper articles or podcasts. We're looking for a periodical. You want to put the name of the magazine in the box. Seriously, this is the section you can't shortcut. Having all of these resources available to you will make NON a simple yet meaningful project. 

Also in this section you will find the parent signature. Parents, this is your chance to say "I'm uncomfortable with this person" and have your child choose someone else. I highly recommend a quick read of the wikipedia page about the two notable figures your child has chosen. As teachers, we do not know what your family beliefs are, so we rely on you to say no if you are uncomfortable with them. 

NON Banned List

Aaron Burr
Abigail Adams
Abner Doubleday
Abraham Lincoln
Ada Lovelace
Albert Einstein
Alexander G. Bell
Alexander the Great
Alfonce Muha
Alice Paul
Ameilia Earhart
Angelina Jolie
Anne Frank
Annie Oakley
Antono Brown
Audrey Hepburn
Aung San Suu Kyi
Bautama Buddha
Beatrix Potter
Bessie Coleman
Betty White
Billy the Kid
Bob Ross
Booker T Washington
Buster Keaton
Carrie Fisher
Catherine the Great
Charles Babbage
Charles Darwin
Charles Dickens
Charlie Parker
Charlotte Bronte
Clara Barton
Coco Chanel
CS Lewis
David Beckham
Debra Sampson
Desmond Doss
Diane Nash
Donald Trump
Douglas Adams
Drew Barrymoore
Dwight D. Eisenheir
Edward Hanson Smith
Elizabeth Blackwell
Elsa Shiaparelli
Emily Dickinson
Emma Watson
Eva Paron
Fanny Brice
Felicia Browne
Flora Tristan
Florence Nightingale
Frank Sinatra
Fred Astaire
Freddie Mercury
George S. Patton
Grace Hopper
Halle Berry
Harper Lee
Helen Keller
Henry Ford
Hyman G. Rickover
Jackie Ormes
Jackie Robinson
Jahanara Begum
James Naismith
Jane Marcet
Jesse Owens
Jim Thorpe
Jimmi Hendrix
Joe Foss
Joe Louis
Johann GutsMuths
John F Kennedy
John Trudell
Johnny Cash
Jon Stewart
Judy Heumann
Julius Caesar
Katherine Johnson
Kerri Walsh Jennings
King Tut
L. Frank Baum
Leonardo DiCaprio
Levi Coffin
Levi Strauss
Louis Vuitton
Lucy Stone
Mahtma Gandhi
Malala Yousafez
Margaret Sanger
Maria Mitchell
Mark Hammil
Martin Luther King Jr.
Mary Bliss Parsons
Mary Pickford
Mata Hari
Max Born
Michio Kaku
Milton Hershey
Nikola Tesla
Nina Simone
Patrick Stewart
Pearl S. Buck
Peter Dinkler
Phillis Wheatley
PT Barnum
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Liliuokalani
Queen Victoria
Rebecca Crumpler
Rosa Bonheur
Rosa Parks
Ruth Wakefield
Sally Ride
Sara McLachlan
Shaquille ONeal
Shirin Ebadi
Shirley Temple
Simo Hayha
Sir Elton John
Sofia Kovaleskaya
Sonora Carver
Susan B. Anthony
Ted Williams
Victoria Woodhill
Vincent VanGogh
Vivian Leigh
Walter Camp
Wernher Von Braun